Hook City PPV Card


Roy Jones Jr takes on Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy this Saturday in Biloxi, Mississippi. The fight will take place on pay-per-view and carries a $34.95 price tag.

The televised fight card shapes up as follows:

Roy Jones Jr vs. Jeff Lacy
Danny Green vs. Julio Cesar Dominguez
Jason Litzau vs. Verquan Kimbrough
BJ Flores vs. Epifanio Mendoza

Eh. It could be fun. But it probably won’t. Look it’s a Saturday night. If you go out, you’re going to spend at least $35 on girls at the bar. They aren’t going home with you. You now have the option of putting up that same money for a mediocre fight card. Either way you will likely end your night unsatisfied. The choice is yours.