Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Hard Justice Report

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Hard Justice Report
Live from Orlando
Announcers: Don West & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

The show opens with a video package highlighting Matt Morgan’s first PPV Main Event.

Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Amazing Red vs. Daniels vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide vs. D’Angelo Dinero – Steel Asylum Match – X-Division Title #1 Contendership
In case anyone doesn’t know, D’Angelo Dinero is in fact Elijah Burke, and if this means anything, he did come out of the ‘heel’ tunnel. The biggest problem with this match is that 8 men in one match, and not being able to go to the outside to put the focus on only a few at a time just look like a train wreck, and WAY too scripted. I’ll point out a couple cool spots. Guns had Lethal & Creed in a dual submission, with Sabin giving Creed a crossface, while Shelley gives Lethal an abdominal stretch, while their legs are intertwined. Red makes a stand, taking out Creed with a DDT style hurra canranna. Red climbs the cage, but is caught, and the other 7 men catch him, and they look to be trying a uber tower of doom, but Daniels and Dinero fly off the side, then Lethal and Suicide go off to the otherside, and the Guns super powerbomb Creed off the turnbuckle. Red is still standing, and he starts the climb the cage, only for Daniels to catch him. Daniels pulls
Red straight down from the ceiling of the cage, and is hanging from his leg. Suicide & Dinero climb the ceiling as well, and after Suicide falls, Dinero gets off the cage..odd. Daniels finally pulls himself up, and finally gets out of the cage.
Winner – Daniels

Daniels cuts a promo on the stage, calling tonight’s X-Div Title match a lose/lose, tonight one of them loses, and next month the other loses to him. He then shouts out at AJ, who is at home.

Lauren with Matt Morgan, and he says that Angle jerked him around for weeks, so he will stand on his own to become TNA Champ for the first time.

Recap of Dr. Stevie/Abyss stuff.

Abyss vs. Jethro Holliday (w/ Dr. Stevie) – $50,000 Bounty Match (No DQ)
Holliday tries to jump Abyss to start, but Abyss just takes him out. They fall on the floor, and Holliday is up against the post, and as Abyss goes to throw a punch, Holliday moves and Abyss hits the post. Back in the ring, Holliday misses a 2nd rope elbow drop, and Abyss takes over again. Abyss goes to get a chair, but as he comes in, Holliday hits him with a police baton. Holliday goes to hit Abyss with a chair, but Abyss grabs him, and sends him off the ropes and into a back body drop. Abyss lays the chair overtop of Holliday, but when Abyss hits the ropes to jump on Holliday, Holliday lifts the chair into Abyss’s crotch. The chair is propped on the corner, and Abyss reverses a whip into it, and sends Holliday face first into the chair. Abyss with a choke slam for 2. Abyss is distracted with Stevie, and Holliday hits a running bulldog. Stevie slides Holliday a pair of brass knuckles, and has Holliday charges with them, Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam for the pin.
Winner – Abyss

After the match, Stevie yells at Holliday, and Holliday clocks him, while Abyss applauds him from the stage.

JB with Angle. He says that Morgan will eventually see the right path.

Big Rob Terry (w/ Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams) vs. Hernandez
Before the bell, Hernandez on the mic says that there will not be a wrestling match. They can either give his briefcase back, or he will just take it. Williams & Magnus distracts Hernandez, and Rob puts him in a full nelson. Williams & Magnus go to punch Hernandez, but they hits Rob. Hernandez dumps both over the top rope, and then hits a huge shoulderblock for the pin.
Winner – Hernandez

Lauren with Beer Money. They said that Steiner & Booker got lucky, and now they are going to take it out on the Brits.

Eric Young comes out and joins Tenay & West at the table.

The British Invasion (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc. – IWGP Tag Team Championships
Storm & Magnus start. Storm quickly tosses Magnus to the floor, then tosses a charging Williams on him. Storm hits the ropes, and Roode back body drops Storm over the top on the Brits. After they enter the ring, the Brits take over. EY at the table says that there are some prospects they are looking at to join the World Elite. Beer Money looks to be going for the DWI, but EY distracts the ref and Storm, and Williams low blows Roode, and Magnus rolls him up for the pin.
Winners – British Invasion

Lauren is with ODB & Cody Deaner. Deaner thinks he’ll be raped by the 3 barbie dolls.

Angelina Love (c) & Velvet Sky (w/ Madison Rayne) vs. ODB & Cody Deaner – Knockouts Championship
Lauren tried to ask what would happen if Deaner wins the match, but no one answered. ODB & Love start. Love charges at ODB, but ODB picks her up and flattens her. ODB pounds away on Love, but Love reverses it and tags in Sky. ODB quickly takes over and tags in Deaner, who spanks Sky repeatedly. ODB tagged back in. Beautiful People dominate, tagging in and out. ODB finally gets the hot tag to Deaner. Deaner then kisses Love, then Sky, and, after Rayne gets on the apron, he kisses her. Sky charges and Deaner drop toe holds her, ass up into the ropes. Deaner makes some lude gestures, then comes up behind Sky, only for Sky to low blow him. Rayne back on the apron, goes to hairspray Deaner, but gets Sky instead, while the ref is distracted with Love and ODB. Deaner comes up behind Sky and pins her.
Winners – ODB & Deaner

The ring announcer says that ODB is the new champ, but Deaner doesn’t understand, since he scored the pin. Deaner pulls the belt away from ODB and runs away.

Lauren with Taz & Joe. Taz reiterates that Hernandez didn’t beat Joe, Joe beat Joe. Joe will punish Homicide tonight.

Homicide (c) vs. Samoa Joe (w/ Taz) – X-Division Championship
Joe seems to dominate the majority of the match. Joe powerbombs Homi, and turns it into a STF, and then a Crossface, and then a Rings of Saturn. Homi fights out, slaps away on Joe’s chest, and then hits a missile dropkick. Joe rolls to the floor, and Homi flies out with a suicide roll. Back in the ring, Homi hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker, and then a Cutter for 2. Homi goes for a Vertibreaker, but Joe powers out, and locks on the Coquina Clutch for the submission.
Winner and NEW Champion – Samoa Joe

In Morgan’s lockerroom, Angle comes in and tells him that he doesn’t care who wins tonight, as long as its not Sting. ‘Your or me, and you are in the Mafia’ Angle tells Morgan.

Video package on Team 3D vs. Booker T & Scott Steiner.

Booker T (w/ Sharmell) & Scott Steiner (c) vs. Team 3D – TNA Tag Team Championships – Falls Counts Anywhere
It’s pointed out that there are 2 ref’s, one in the ring (Slick Johnson) and one outside (Earl Hebner). 3D wins the brawl at the start of the match. Book & BPP go to leave, but 3D catches up with them, and then they brawl through the crowd. BPP leaps from the elevated level on Bubba, wow. They finally make it back in the ring. The crowd hot over the match. In the ring, 3D hits the wazzzzzup headbutt, and then Bubba calls for the tables. Both Slick & Earl are in the ring now. They lay BPP on the table, but Booker breaks everything up. BPP and DVon on the turnbuckle, and it looks like BPP is going for the FrankenSteiner, but Bubba comes from underneath, and sets up for a Doomsday Device, which DVon hits, just as Booker moved the table out of the way. Booker then hits a Book End on Bubba through the table. DVon takes out BPP, and then grabs a stumbling Booker and hits a 3D, and as DVon goes for the pin, BPP rolls up Bubba and both refs make the pinfalls. The bell rings, and the refs do not know what to do. They look at the video footage, and the rule that BPP’s pinfall on Bubba happened first (ignoring that Bubba was pretty much completely under the ring ropes).
Winners – Booker T & Scott Steiner

JB with Foley. He says that wrestling isn’t about making money to him, its about the fans.

Video Package on Nash & Foley.

Mick Foley (c) vs. Kevin Nash – TNA Legends Championship
Nash’s hand is wrapped up, and there is a supposed injury. Nash mauls Foley to start, but Foley sends him to the floor. Foley goes to drop an elbow on the floor with a chair, but Nash shoves the chair in Foley’s face. Foley is now pouring blood from a cut near his eye. Back in the ring, Nash continues to punch and elbow Foley in the busted up eye. Foley asks for more, and they fall to the floor, and Foley cracks Nash’s head on the steel steps, and now Nash is bloody. Foley gets a barbwire bat. Traci comes out and distracts Foley on the apron. Nash shoves Foley into Traci, and then he does something (the camera panned away on Traci and missed the move), and when they come back, Nash is pinning Foley for the pin.
Winner and NEW Champion – Kevin Nash

Nash grabs the barbwire bat, and hits Foley over the head. Nash looks to lining up for another shot, but Abyss’s music hits, and he comes out to make the save with a barbwire bat of his own.

Lauren with Sting. Sting reminds everyone that he is in the match tonight. He says that honor, dignity and respect will come back in style (alluding to AJ Styles).

Video Package on the lead up to the Main Event…oddly there is no footage from Rhaka’s phone.

Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. Matt Morgan – TNA Heavyweight Championship
Morgan and Angle double team Sting to start. They all fall to the floor, and Sting is going back in forth. Sting goes to whip Angle into Morgan against the guard railing, but Angle reverses, and sends Sting into a huge clothesline from Morgan. Back in the ring, Angle & Morgan continue to double team. Sting clotheslines Morgan over the top to the floor, and then suplexes Angle for 2. Angle pops up quickly and hits a short-armed clothesline. Angle then sends Sting to the floor with Morgan. Angle on the apron, goes to leap on Sting, but Sting ducks and Angle lands on Morgan. Back in the ring, Sting locks on the Scorpion Death Lock, but lets go to knock Morgan back to the floor. Sting turns into an Olympic Slam for 2. Angle locks the Ankle Lock on, but Sting shoves him to the floor, and now Morgan slides in a takes out Sting. Tenay mentions that AJ Styles will address his TNA future this Thursday. Morgan hits a Fallaway Slam for 2 on Sting. Sting reverses a whip, and Angle pulls down the ropes, sending Morgan to the floor. Morgan is a bit confused, and then he shoves Angle, and he flies across the floor, and Morgan follows it up with a Carbon Footprint, and Angle is out on the floor. Hebner calls for the medic staff to check on him. Back in the ring, Morgan has Sting pinned, and the Hebner is with Angle on the floor. Morgan calls for him, but Sting is up and hits the Scorpion Death Drop, and Hebner slides in for the 2 count. Sting is upset, as Hebner rolls back to the floor, to check on Angle, and then Sting turns into a Carbon Footprint. Hebner slides back in for the pinfall, but Angle is up and he pulls Hebner to the floor. Angle gets in the ring with a chair, and drills both Sting and Morgan. Angle calls for Hebner to get back in the ring after he tosses the chair outside, and scores the pinfall over Morgan.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Show Over.


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