Five-round non title fights approved by NSAC

The day of major rule changes continues with the news that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has approved the use of five round non-title fights for special events.

It is believed that most major shows with a non-title main event will use the five round format, so almost every major UFC show from this point forward will likely feature a five round main event. This is a rule change that several promotions, including the UFC, have been pushing towards for quite some time, believing that five round fights will give the main events a special and different feel from the rest of the card.

I should note that this doesn’t mean that Fight Night main events will be five round fights. I believe it would be applied to most pay per view events, such as the upcoming Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort fight at UFC 103 or the Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva fight from UFC 99. In fact, that fight was a major impetus behind the rule change getting passed.