One Year in Memphis – August 16, 1986


Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka/Austin Idol over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto

Bam Bam Bigelow draw the Killer (referee stoppage)

Fire and Flame over Jos LeDuc/Phil Hickerson

Tracy Smothers over Basher

Basher over JT Southern

Tracy Smothers over Ron Sexton

Basher over Paul Diamond

JT Southern over Spike

Tracy Smothers over Mr. Universe

Ron Sexton over David Haskins

Memphis Vice over the Nightmares

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown got the ball rolling by announcing that today we’d be seeing Fire and Flame defending their Southern tag team titles against mystery opponents. We’d also see Spike, Sato and Goto, and JT Southern. Russell added that we had an eight-man tag match as the main event and sent us to commercial.

We came back to see Russell at the interview set with Tracy Smothers, David Haskins, Paul Diamond, and JT Southern. Russell advised that the Mid-America title had been declared vacant and these competitors would be competing in a tournament for the belt. Russell spoke with Smothers first. Smothers said that he felt that it was his time to win a title and he knew he might never get another title shot.

Russell moved to Paul Diamond next. Diamond spoke about his return to success in wrestling and he knew that winning the title would mean that he’d completed his comeback.

Next was JT Southern. Southern admitted that he was the least experienced of all the competitors, but he felt like he still had a chance.

David Haskins was the last that Russell spoke to. Russell spoke about how Haskins had improved week after week. Haskins thanked Russell and said that he felt he had a definite chance.

Russell then sent us to the ring where Sato and Goto were set to face Mike Murphy and David Haskins. Haskins and Sato started the match with Haskins arm dragging Sato to take control of the match before locking in an armbar.

Sato hit a hiptoss and Haskins arm dragged Sato again to regain control. Sato immediately tagged out to Goto, who began turning things around. However, a Haskins body press got a one count. Haskins then locked in an armbar and Murphy tagged in.

Murphy started cranking on Goto’s arm, only for a head butt to immediately stop his momentum. Sato tagged in and continued battering Murphy before bringing Goto back in.

Goto leveled Murphy with a head butt and then dropped a knee on him before starting to stomp away. Goto slammed Murphy and brought Sato back in.

Sato caught Murphy with a boot to the stomach for a two count, then Haskins managed to tag back in. Sato caught Haskins with a shot to the throat and tagged Goto in. Haskins took Goto down and then the tide turned. Haskins turned the tide again by catching Goto with his boots as the Japanese wrestler charged the ring, and then Haskins locked him in a headlock.

Murphy tagged back in and got back dropped by Goto. Sato came back in and hammered Murphy before Murphy landed a dropkick. Murphy charged him in the ring and Sato caught him with both boots for a two count. Sato hit a backbreaker and then rammed Murphy into the ringpost before bringing Goto back in.

Goto bear hugged Murphy and Sato super kicked him down for the win at 4:26.

We came back from commercial to find Russell backstage to talk about the week’s show in Evansville. Tojo, Sato, and Goto soon joined him for a word. Tojo put over Kabuki as a still photo aired of him.

We then saw a video of Larry Sharpe to talk about Bam Bam Bigelow. Sharpe addressed the Killer, Bigelow’s opponent for Wednesday night, and promised that Bigelow would run him out of wrestling.

We came back to a video of JT Southern set to Van Halen’s “Jump.” Most of the video consisted of Southern making his entrances before we went to clips of him in a match against the MOD Squad with the Nightmares in his corner. We saw him hit a couple of power slams before we saw video of him celebrating after the match.

We returned to the studio to see Southern making his entrance as he hugged some women at ringside. Keith Erich was waiting for him in the ring. The two locked up and Southern hit a sidewalk slam before whipping Erich across the ring. Southern hit a power slam and covered for the win at 31 seconds.

Russell headed to the MOD Squad where JD Costello, Spike, and Mr. Universe were waiting. Costello announced that he was in such a good move, he’d give his favorite tie to Russell. Costello added that Mr. Universe, Spike, and Basher were all in the Mid-America title tournament. He also recommended someone have an ambulance waiting outside the arena before showing off the Squad’s “License to Hurt.”

Costello then brought up how the Squad and Universe had defeated Southern and the Nightmares in the Triple Threat Challenge. Costello then griped about how Southern had stolen his money and thrown over $3,000 to the fans. Costello asked that the fans buy shoes and socks instead of chewing tobacco, and then changed his mind. He demanded that the fans bring back his money and closed by stealing his tie back.

We headed to the ring to see Mr. Universe set to face Jim Jameson. Universe immediately overpowered Jameson and chopped him to the ground before suplexing him down and posing. As the domination continued, Costello headed to commentary to talk up Universe.

In the ring, Universe slammed Jameson down again yet again, then bounced his head off the turnbuckle. Universe put Jameson down again with a back elbow and then body slammed him. Universe dropped a leg and covered for a two count.

Jameson tried to fight back only for Universe to catch him with another chop that sent him to the mat. Universe picked him up in a bear hug and Jameson submitted at 2:10. Universe held the bear hug just a little longer before releasing Jameson.

We came back from commercial to see Russell giving us a rundown on Wednesday night.

We returned to the studio to see Spike ready to face David Baker. Baker got off to a quick start by locking Spike in an arm wringer, but Spike powered out and started dominating Baker. A spear sent Baker to the mat and a leg drop made sure he stayed there.

Spike pitched Baker out of the ring and followed. Spike threw him back into the ring and dropped him over the top rope throat-first. Spike locked in a headlock and then dropped a knee on him. Costello headed to commentary and asked Russell why Baker hadn’t tried to kill himself after learning he’d be facing Spike.

Spike slammed Baker and then hit a clothesline from the second rope for the win at 2:50. After the match Spike pitched Baker out of the ring once more.

Russell then headed to the interview set to talk with Eddie Marlin. Marlin requested that Russell call out Fire and Flame, and Russell obliged. When they arrived, Marlin said he wanted to be sure that Fire and Flame had the titles and were dressed to wrestle. Marlin reminded them that this was a title match, and if they lost they were gone.

Fire closed by telling Russell that they weren’t going anywhere as we headed to commercial.

We came back to learn that the mystery team was Jos LeDuc and Phil Hickerson. The challengers immediately ran Fire and Flame out of the ring as Marlin came back out to confiscate the tag team titles and order Fire and Flame back into the ring. Fire vowed that Marlin’s day was coming as he and Flame slowly returned to the ring.

Fire started the match against LeDuc. Fire threw a shot and LeDuc fired back. A head butt also failed and Flame tagged in. LeDuc slammed him and tagged Hickerson in.

Hickerson back dropped Flame and then dropped a leg. Hickerson went for a pin, forcing Fire to break it up. Hickerson took Flame down with a clothesline and Fire again broke up the pin.

LeDuc tagged back in and slammed Flame. Fire started into the ring and LeDuc intercepted him before starting to crank on Flame’s neck. LeDuc bounced Flame off Hickerson’s boot and tagged Hickerson back in.

Hickerson took Flame down and locked in a headlock only for Fire to come into the ring and try to break up the hold with a kick. The ref dropped Flame’s arm twice and Fire hit the ring to break up the hold.

Fire tagged in and nailed Hickerson in the gut with a foreign object. He caught Hickerson in the throat and passed it to Flame before bouncing Hickerson’s head off the turnbuckles.

Flame tagged back in and started digging the object into Hickerson’s eye. The ref backed Flamee across the ring and Fire landed another shot with the object.

Flame tagged in and caught Hickerson in the throat with the object, then tagged Fire back in. Fire caught him in the head and LeDuc broke up the pin.

Fire and Flame made a quick switch and Flame continued hammering Hickerson. Fire tagged in as Dave Brown identified the weapon as an I-bolt. Hickerson got the item and began hammering Fire in the head with the weapon as LeDuc and Flame battled in the far corner.

Hickerson tore open Fire’s mask and continued hammering him with the object. LeDuc and Hickerson traded opponents as referee Jerry Calhoun tried to regain control of the match.

Hickerson locked Fire in an abdominal stretch and Fire hit the referee, sending Calhoun to the mat. Calhoun called for the DQ as Brown identified that Fire and Flame had just saved their titles and their jobs.

Hickerson and LeDuc weren’t finished as they continued the brawl. Hickerson threw Fire over the commentator’s table as LeDuc ground Flame’s head into the corner post. LeDuc grabbed a chair and started dishing out chair shots to the champions. Hickerson and LeDuc continued dishing out punishment as Fire and Flame staggered to the back.

We came back from commercial to hear Russell talk about the Wednesday night show one more time. Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka, and Jerry Jarrett joined Russell for a word. Jeff said that the Hillbilly could take care of Kabuki, and they were going after Tojo.

Jimmy D then brought the Killer in and pulled a sheet off to reveal the newcomer. Kenny promised that the Killer could take out Bigelow with no problems.

We returned to the studio for the main event, which would consist of Juicy Johnny, Rough and Ready, and Ron Sexton taking on Paul Diamond, Tracy Smothers, Jeff Jarrett, and Pat Tanaka.

Sexton headed to commentary to protest the unfairness of Russell not talking to him about the Mid-America tournament when he was the one who’d be winning it. Sexton said that after he won the title everyone would see just how sexy he was and headed to the ring.

Johnny and Jeff Jarrett started off. Jarrett took Johnny down as Johnny complained that he was having his hair pulled. Jarrett took Johnny back down with an arm drag and then locked in a hammerlock.

An elbow freed Johnny and a hiptoss or two put him back in the armlock. Johnny pulled Jarrett’s hair to escape and got hip tossed again.

Smothers tagged in and dropped an elbow from the second rope onto Johnny, then locked in an armbar. Johnny fought free and brought in Sexton.

Smothers shoulder blocked Sexton down and then got slammed down. Smothers arm dragged Sexton over and locked in an armbar. A hair pull freed Sexton but a dropkick returned him to the mat for a one count after Johnny pulled Smothers’s hair.

Paul Diamond tagged in and Sexton backed him into a corner. Diamond hit a flying body press for a one count and Rough tagged in.

Tanaka tagged in and chopped Rough down to the mat. Alternating chops and armlocks kept Tanaka in firm control of the match before a body press put Rough down for a two count. Ready entered the ring and Jarrett cut him off. As Tanaka pinned Rough all eight men swarmed the ring. Tanaka got the win and the fight ended at 4:01.

We came back to commentary to hear Russell and Brown talking about the day’s events. Russell especially put over the brawl between Hickerson/LeDuc and Fire and Flame. After a rundown of the day’s results, Russell brought up the Mid-America tournament one more time before saying goodbye for another week.


Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka/Giant Hillbilly vs. Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/The Great Kabuki

Southern Heavyweight title
Bam Bam Bigelow © vs. the Killer

Mid-America title
One Night Tournament (Seven Matches)
Paul Diamond vs. Tracy Smothers vs. David Haskins vs. JT Southern vs. Spike vs. Basher vs. Mr. Universe vs. Ron Sexton

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