This Week In Indies: CHIKARA, ECPW, CPW, KWA…

Before I get started this week let me just say.. I am older than the other “Mike Johnson” over at PWI so he stole my name and I’m coming to get it back. Not because I care but because I hate using “Michael” to avoid confusion.. no worries, mate.. I’ll mark out for you! In any case.. on with the show.

The summer months are a deathknell for indie wrestling. You can go weeks on end without hearing a peep in which case I will give you a long diatribe about how someone I don’t know stole a name as common as my own or I’ll discuss the Zombie Apocalypse (2012, kids.. be alert!) or I’ll ponder eloquently about how Miss Liz did her hair different between the 80’s and 90’s.. I hate the summer.. so, this is mostly filler.. like the popular summer food known perversely as a hot dog.

Several local indies had shows but, unfortunately, they don’t bother to post results so I will give what I know from 3rd, 4th, and 10th hand information…

Alrighty. First up – ECPW Caged Fury II took place on the 15th … The Patriot went over King Kaluah in an “Irish Cream in a Jug” match (just kidding).. a Southern Hospitality Street Fight (whatever THAT is) was fought between the Main Event Hustlas took out the Blackwell Bros. which could possibly be described as a “racism in a can” match.. Kreeper, Kage and Anarchy beat IB Green, Big Poppa Chill and the Peacemaker and the highlight was that Kreeper’s plastic rat didn’t die and Kreeper nearly had another heart attack in this “pacemaker on a licorice string” match.. Jason the Suicide King didn’t bite the bullet as he beat Jake Saint to regain the HW Title..

CPW,KWA, and UWF all had shows this past week but I have no information at this time despite asking people who were there and worked the show.. they didn’t remember. The one notation I did get was from the KWA. Apparently a Red Rooster lookalike appeared at the KWA in goth make up. He was pinned by a chicken wing.. ironic.. ALMOST as ironic as Kurt Angle being tossed in the pokey a day prior to appearingon a PPV called Hard Justice..

ROH had their inaugral debut on Monday nights on HD Net so go Ring of Honor! ROH is covered extensively by other staffers here at PULSE so give them a look! They have another taping coming up on the 24th which has D-Lo Brown on the card so that should tax evading!

The big, BIG news this past week was CHIKARA and their Young Lions Cup Tournament. I love this promotion to no end. It’s fun to wach on that there YouTube thingie, their POD Casts, and especially LIVE! If you ever have a chance to see one of their shows live just do it – don’t be a tool! I won’t give too much away as CHIKARA is covered exclusively elsewhere on PULSE but even I mark out when someone kicks out of nearly EVERY finisher being used today.. great, great, GRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!

Today is the big ICWF Universal debut show at Peppers Grille and Nightclub in Berwick, PA. Check for more infor and come out to support the indies. And – if you work with, for, in or just LIKE indies in your area find me! and give me links and results – let people hear about you!

With that said.. paPOW!

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