Pulse Wrestling WWE SummerSlam 2009 Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE SummerSlam Report
Live from Los Angeles
Announcers: JR & Todd Grisham, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews & Matt Striker
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship
Back and forth to start, Ziggler tries to flip Mysterio over his head, but Mysterio leaps on the top turnbuckle and moonsaults on Ziggler. On the floor, Mysterio sends Ziggler into the post, and goes back in the ring, and up the turnbuckle. Mysterio comes off the top, but Ziggler catches him, and powerbombs Mysterio into the corner. Ziggler sunset flips Mysterio, but Mysterio rolls through and kicks Ziggler in the face. Mysterio springboards off the middle rope, but Ziggler dropkicks him in the gut. Mysterio with a drop toe hold, and he goes for the 619, but Ziggler slides to the floor, and trips up Mysterio, and slides back in and hits the FAMASSER! Only a 2 count. Mysterio back up, hits a Tornado DDT, then the 619, and goes for the springboard splash, but Ziggler dodges it, and rolls up Mysterio for 2. Crowd with a ‘Let’s Go Ziggler’ chant. Ziggler puts Mysterio on the top turnbuckle, climbs up and puts Mysterio on his shoulders, but Mysterio slides down and hits a top rope hurracanranna for the pin!
Winner and Still Champ – Mysterio

Swagger cuts a promo on how MVP is a convict. MVP steps in and just kills Swagger on the mic.

Jack Swagger vs. MVP
Swagger dominates the beginning of the match, but MVP quickly takes over and hits a Playmaker out of nowhere for the pin.
Winner – MVP

They had a recap of all the guest hosts they have had on Raw. Nancy O’Dell from Axxess Hollywood interviews Freddy Prinze in the crowd, who is looking forward Cena taking out Orton.

Big Show & Chris Jericho come out and cut a promo on how all the celebrities in LA are hypocrites. Show wants to say something and Cryme Tyme’s music plays.

Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) vs. Cryme Tyme – WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
JTG & Jericho start. Jericho tries to catapult JTG on the turnbuckle, but JTG grabs hold, and leaps off with 2nd rope leg drop. Show in, and he dominates JTG until he gets to Shad. Shad tosses Show into the corner and then Press Slams a charging Jericho, but turns into a spear from Show. JeriShow then starts to double team Shad. JTG gets the hot tag, and JTG takes out Jericho. Show attacks, but Shad takes Show to the floor. Jericho then locks on the Walls, but JTG will not tap out. JTG finally gets to the ropes, but Show is on the floor, and he hits JTG with a haymaker, and Jericho scores the pin.
Winners and Still Champions – Jericho & Show

CM Punk cuts another amazing promo on how Jeff Hardy will not have a storybook ending tonight.

Kane vs. The Great Khali (w/ Ranjin Singh)
I have a doctor’s note saying that I do not need to cover this match. I will tell you how it is as slow and terrible as anyone can imagine. Kane kicks out of the Khali Chop. Khali locks on the Vice Grip, but Kane pulls Ranjin up into the ring, and Khali is distracted enough for Kane to DDT him for the win.
Winner – Kane

Recap of DX vs. Legacy.

DX had an elaborate entrance on a tank with military shooting off blanks. It was…well odd.

D-Generation X vs. The Legacy
Ted and HHH start. Crowd seems a bit out of it due to the 15 minute long DX entrance. DX runs rampant on Legacy for a few minutes, but Legacy takes over and double team HBK. HHH gets the hot tag, gives both Rhodes & Dibiase a Double A Spinebuster. Legacy comes back and takes out HHH. Legacy is now double teaming and dominating HHH. HBK gets a hot tag, and dodges Rhodes coming off the top. HBK goes to the top himself and tries an elbow drop off the top rope, but he comes down on Cody’s knees. Cody hits Cross Rhodes. HHH comes in and hits a Pedigree on Cody. HBK up, but Dibiase comes in and nails HBK with Dream Street. HHH runs Dibiase out of the ring. HBK and Cody stand up together, and HBK drills him with a Superkick for the pin.
Winners – DX

Christian (c) vs. William Regal (w/ Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov) – ECW Championship
Regal and Christian argue, and the bell rings, and when Regal turns around to take off his jacket, Christian hits him with the Killswitch and scores the pin.
Winner and Still Champ – Christian

Recap of WWE Axxess outside the Staples Center over the weekend.

Recap of Cena/Orton.

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena – WWE Championship
Orton dominates the whole match. Seriously, the WHOLE MATCH. Cena finally gets hot, hits the Throwback, then the top rope Famasser, and goes for the FU, but Orton fights out of it. Cena then hits a huge back body drop, and as Orton pops up, he shoves the ref.
Winner via DQ – John Cena

Lillian on the mic, says that Vince McMahon has ordered the match to be restarted, and if Orton gets DQ’d again, he will lose the championship. Orton charges back in under protest, and hits a huge clothesline from Cena. They go to the floor, and Orton reverses a whip, and sends Cena into the steps. Orton then grabs his belt, and walks away, and the ref counts to 10.
Winner via CO – John Cena

Lillian on the mic again, says that McMahon has said that the match will be restarted again, and if Orton gets counted out again, he will loose the title. Orton runs back to the ring while the ref counts, and then ducks a shot from Cena, rolls him up and puts his legs on the ropes, and gets the pinfall.
Winner and Still Champion – Randy Orton

Another ref comes out and tells the official that Orton had his feet on the ropes, and they restart the match AGAIN! Cena quickly locks the STFU on Cena, and pulls him back to the middle of the ring. A fan jumps the wall and climbs on the back of the ref, and Orton and Cena have no idea what’s going on. After security takes out the fan, Cena sticks his head through the ropes to get Orton, but Orton rings him up on the middle rope, slides in and hits the RKO for the pin.
Winner (finally) and Still Champion – Randy Orton

They then recap the match.

Recap of Punk/Hardy.

Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk – TLC Match – World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff attacks CM to start. Jeff sets up a chair, puts CM in the corner, and leaps off it into CM, who catches Jeff, and then drops him over the back of the chair! They to the floor, and Jeff whips CM to the steps, but CM leaps on the steps and jump back at Jeff, to drills him with a chair. Jeff lays CM on a table on the floor, and goes to splash CM, but CM moves, and Jeff goes through table. Back in the ring, Punk lays a ladder on the mat, and then hits Jeff with a SUPERplex on the ladder! Jeff reverses a suplex, and then goes for a Swanton, but CM puts his knees up. CM puts Jeff in the corner, and goes for a knee to face followed by the running bulldog, but Jeff catches CM, and tosses him over the top rope, and through a table that was ringside. On the floor, CM puts a chair around Jeff’s neck, and tries to run him into the ringpost again, but Jeff blocks it, and hits CM with a chair. Jeff starts to take apart one of the announce tables, and hits CM with top piece of the table. Jeff then gets a ladder that has to be atleast 30 feet tall, and hits a Swanton off the very top of the ladder through CM on the announce table. The refs call for a stretcher for Jeff, and CM makes his way back in the ring. Jeff realizes what is going on, and gets off the stretcher and climbs the ladder. Punk kicks him in the gut, and then punches him in the head, and Jeff falls flat on his back, and Punk grabs the belt for the win.
Winner and NEW Champion – CM Punk

Punk celebrates in the ring, holding the title over Jeff. The lights flicker, and a bell tolls…and the lights go out….come back on, and Jeff is gone, with Undertaker in his place! CM doesn’t realize it right away…but when he sees Taker sits up, grabs CM’s throat and nails a choke slam!

Show Over.


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