Petey Williams On His TNA Release, ROH, Giving Evan Bourne The Canadian Destroyer

You may have been surprised by Petey Williams’ release from TNA. So was Petey Willaims. PW Torch’s James Caldwell has highlights from Williams’ interview with Hit the Ropes Radio (you can check the interview on You Tube). Williams believes he was released for monetary reasons, since he was the highest paid X-Division member.

He also has a pretty good counter argument against the “we’re trying to freshen up the roster” rationale TNA used in explaing the departure of workers like Williams, Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt:

“I heard different things from different people in management. I heard ‘we’re freshening up the roster.’ I’m thinking I’ve only been on TV for five years while some of other wrestlers have been on TV for 15, 20 years,” Petey said with a laugh.

Williams also talks about his recent appearances in ROH, being friends with Scott Steiner (which is apparently pretty rare), and the Canadian Destroyer. He gives credit to Matt (Evan Bourne) Sydal for being the first guy to take the move.

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