PWG Last Night: Bryan Danielson Wins the Title

Thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski for passing this along…

Bryan Danielson, in his last match for California’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotion defeated Chris Hero to become the fourteenth PWG World Champion. The match, Hero’s 11th title defense was said to be long and excellent with plenty of nearfalls and Danielson bleeding. After winning the belt, former Hybrid Dolphin tag team partner Paul London came out with a inflatable dolphin for the American Dolphin, Danielson gave a gave a farwell speech and handed the belt back to PWG Lead Commentator Excalibur. Chris Hero, than took the belt from Excalibur and put it around Danielson’s waist saying he should at least wear the title belt once. The locker room came out to celebrate Danielson. The PWG world championship title is now vacant and will be given to the winner of the upcoming Batlle of Los Angeles (BOLA) tournament on Friday November 20 and 21.

Stay classy, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

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