WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 09/06/09

This episode of Vintage Collection is coming to you from the first ever nationally televised WWE/F event to be held in the UK. Which occured on the 10th of October 1989, and was held at the London Arena.

The first match is between Bret Hart and Dino Bravo. We come in with Bravo holding Hart in a chin lock tightly. Bravo breaks the hold, but just keeps on going at Hart. With a side suplex, Hart manages to turn it around with a backslide to a two count. The men lock up in a bear hug in the corner, and as Hart tries to come back he is slammed hard into the turnbuckles of the ring, and into a two count that is broken as Hart puts his foot on the bottom ropes. Bravo goes into another bear hug in the middle of the ring, wearing down Hart slowly. Hart manages to get himself back onto his feet and break out of the bear hug, and from the corner Hart manages to knock Bravo down with a kick. Hart takes the opportunity to go up to the middle rope, and go for an elbow. But Bravo moves, and then Bravo goes up to the top rope and misses. Hart then gets in a back drop, and a leg drop to a failed count. Bravo continues to kick out of pin attempts, but as he is standing next to the ropes Hart kicks him outside and follows over the top rope landing a cross body on Bravo. Who eventually turns it around on the outside and Bravo is the first man back into the ring. Hart gets a roll-up on Bravo, who then reverses it into a roll-up and a three count for Bravo.

Our second match is The Fabulous Rougeau brothers vs. The Rockers. And we see the Rougeaus cut a promo on the Rockers while waving around American flags excitedly, along with the mouth from the south, Jimmy Hart. Then we get a Rockers promo, where sport some lovely mullet haircuts along with fighting words. We come in with the Rougeaus on top of the match, as they double team on Michaels of the Rockers. Things slow down as they go into a submission abdominal stretch. The brothers get in a tag, and Jannetty tries to come in to break things up but is sent straight back out again. The brothers go into another submission move, a chin lock as Michaels tries to push across the ring to make a tag. But to no avail. Rougeaus stay in control, with lots of tagging in and out, into a nice hip toss. The legal men roll around the ring and both manage to get in pin attempts. Michaels eventually gets a close attempt at a tag but is stopped again. And we go to another ad break.

Coming back in, the Rougeaus are there with another ground based submission hold, and Michaels tries yet again to make a tag but fails. We see Michaels just keep trying and trying, and it looks like he gets the tag, but the ref doesn’t see it. The Rougeaus try to double team but Michaels gets out of the way, and they end up hitting each other. Michaels makes the tag finally, and Jannetty goes crazy, cleaning up everyone. Jannetty gets in a backslide that lasts forever, while the ref is being distracted by the other Rougeau brother, which allows the brothers to get on top again. It looks like the Rougeaus are going to use Jimmy Hart’s megaphone on Jannetty, but the ref takes it away, and Michaels gets his hands on it. So while the ref has his back turned, he smashes the megaphone down on the back of the Rougeau brothers head. Allowing the three count. And the match goes to the Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty.

The next match is from the same event, and is between Paul Roma and the Brooklyn Brawler. Roma starts out on top as we come in mid-match. With a side headlock locked in. Roma keeps getting in solid elbows, and it takes three attempts to get the Brawler down. We see the Brawler slide outside, and this is where he gets back into this match, getting in some punches, and a scoopslam. The Brawler goes up to the top ropes, and Roma stops him and throws him back down onto the mat. Punches and a clothesline lead to the Brawler trying to back off. As Roma gets in a running powerslam to a two count. Roma goes up to the top ropes comes flying down, and when he goes for the three count, it gets reversed and we see the Brooklyn Brawler come out on top.

In our next promo Jimmy Hart is back, standing behind the Honky Tonk Man who is cutting a very elvis-like promo. And then some words from Hacksaw Jim Duggan. We come into the match already underway, with Honky Tonk Man holding Jim Duggan in a side headlock on the ground. Duggan tries to come back with some punches, which leads into the corner and Honky Tonk Man taking over to get in some punches of his own. Things switch around again, but when Honky tries to come back he misses Duggan who takes the opportunity to come back strong himself with a series of strong punches. Duggan goes for a clothesline, and takes out the three count. After the match finishes, Honky Tonk Man gets in a hit to the back of Duggans head with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone, and both Jimmy Hart and Honky Tonk Man lay into Duggan. Who in turn goes outside the ring for his 2 x 4 wooden plank to wave around and scare the other two away with.

We’re back again, with a match between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. We’re shown both men cutting promo’s on each other with their respective ladies. This is our main event match, for the WWE/F championship. We get off to a slow start as Savage mocks Hogan and does a fake-out start. They circle around each other, until Savage ducks out of the ring to the outside. Finally the two lock up, and Hogan gets in the first strike. Which leads Savage to duck out of the ring again. When Savage comes back in he gets Hogan in a side headlock, and as Hogan breaks it, Savage again rolls out of the ring to the outside. This time he throws a chair into the ring, that Hogan catches and then sits on. The ref removes the chair, and Savage comes back in and locks in another side headlock. Before again rolling out. Hogan follows outside this time and Savage puts the Sensational Sherri in-between himself and Hogan as a way to escape back into the ring again. Eventually Savage rolls outside again and proceeds to smack talk on a mic outside. Savage climbs back up onto the ropes and of course, we go to an ad break.

Straight back into the action, Hogan is dominating until both men knock each other down with a double clothesline. Savage misses a couple of elbows, and then Hogan misses one also. Savage starts to just try over and over again to get a three count, and then goes into a headlock. Savage is holding the headlock on strong as Hogan goes down onto the mat. Sensational Sherri and Miss Elizabeth are taunting each other outside the ring. Hogan manages to get up, and he powers around the ring. Stopping only to hang over the edge of the ring and pull the hair of Sherri. Savage climbs up to the top rope holding the purse that belongs to Sherri, which he uses as a weapon on Hogan behind the back of the ref. Savage tries for the three count, but pulls Hogan’s shoulder up, and then goes up for a massive elbow. But while he is showboating, Hogan comes back. Holding onto Savage and calling Miss Elizabeth up onto the apron. Hogan holds the arms of Savage as Miss Elizabeth slaps him across the face. Hogan then hits a leg drop and gets the three count. Hogan keeps the WWE/F championship.

Which is all that we have for today, join us again next week for more entertaining matches!

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