Unreal Origins – There Will Be Slaughter

Note: This is not an official origin story. This is just one made up by a fan for the sake of entertainment. All characters featured are property of their respective owners.

“Remus! Remus!!!”

At this point, only a hail of bullets could possibly stop him. No ally would dare do so and the adversaries are dropping like flies. Only a yell from the man can be heard through the constant firing of shots. Enemies everywhere lie in pools of their own blood. As the shooting stops, all that remains is a group of stunned soldiers, dead enemies all around and one man, whose eyes stare widely to nowhere. They have trained for this, but no amount of training could prepare them for the site of one man running headfirst to the enemy and standing alone afterwards. His breathing becomes heavier as his conscious begins to reaffirm itself. The soldier that had called out to him finally trots up to him, softly placing his left hand on the man’s right shoulder.

“Remus. It’s over.”

Remus turns to the soldier, his eyes piercing.

Remus: It’s never over.

Remus walks away as there is no one in the village left to kill.

The anger of his actions stay with him. He is the one man slaughter machine. The man who slaughtered an entire village is Southeastern Asia. He is a man whose level of aggression has been labeled as, “off the charts,” by his superior officers. He is even given the nickname, “Slaughter,” for his ability to carry out death to a tee. No one survives his onslaught. No one can withstand his anger. Private Remus is soon promoted to Corporal Remus AKA Corporal Slaughter. Once promoted to Sergeant, those under him never use his given last name. His last name is too human and his penchant for killing and demoralization by this point had gone beyond that.

One night, all of that anger and slaughtering comes back to him. In all of his battles and experience, not one tear was shed until this night. He thinks of that fateful day in the village where his bout with madness started. Dead enemies, dead allies, dead civilians everywhere. Only now does it all catch up to him. In the aftermath of that moment of weeping, his mind only allows for one aloud revelation. “I’m beginning to weaken.”

Retired from the Marine Corps, a man once known as Remus no longer finds anger at an enemy, but only at himself. Driving through the South Carolina countryside, he looks for an outlet for his aggression. Soon, he will find his outlet and there will be Slaughter.