This Week in Indies

It has been yet another slow week on the indie wrestling scene. I find myself awaiting the FUBAR situation that is going to be the WWE’s handling of two of ROH’s top guys. It is great that McGuinness and Danielson are getting into the WWE but at what expense? I hope all goes well.

CHIKARA will be making their debut in Springfield, MA September 12th so if you are in the area go see it! They will roll into Nashua, NH the following night then back home to my neck of the woods, Easton on the 17th! Sure – the town is scary and lousy but it’s LESS frightening than the ECW arena!

We have borne witness to the debut of Dragons Gate USA on PPV and if you caught the action you weren’t left wanting more. If you can order the replay then do it damnit because who knows if they’ll be able to have another! It’s well worth it so see what good ‘ole JR thinks is so friggin awesome!

WWA4 was in action on 9/9 in down south in the GA. Atlanta was hot enough until the scorching heat that is WWA4 started showing what they got! Chosen was.. um.. CHOSEN.. to go over Miguel Rivera followed by a nice tag match featuring Victor Kolloff and Jake Diamond losing a tough match against Jimmy the Kid and Eric Mayne. Ric King was crowned by Bill the Butcher. Cornbread, the Navy Blue and Reuban James were also in action.

This is what I call segue.. to AAW out of Illinois and one of the final appearances of Danielson on the indie scene! The show started off with tag team action as Faith in Nothing gets one over on Kendrick and Lyndon. This was Kendrick and Lyndon’s debut and they showcased their high flying abilities. Shane Hollister defeated a tough opponent in Nick Brubaker, and the AAW Heavyweight Title changed hands when Jimmy Jacobs beat Jay Bradley. In other action, some friends from CHIKARA (meaning Hallowicked, Gran Akuma, and Jigsaw) lost to Arik Cannon and Northstar Express. The House of Truth beat the Young Bucks to retain the AAW tag straps and Danielson took the win over Silas Young.

DSCW (Down South Championship Wrestling) from Jonesboro, AR offered one unique reason to see it: Sid Vicious. It amazes me this jackwad actually SHOWED up. He is notorious on the indies as a no-shower and scam artist. But hey – his kid was working so I guess he fealt a tad obligated to pop in. He’s still working the “Ruler of the Word” bunk and will work the 17th against his kid (Lord Humongous – lame name, I know..) and Scott Hall. This match alone is worth coming out to see it because, let’s face it, it could explode and smell a little after vodka. In any case the DSCW drew in like 200 people to watch Lavert lose to Rage, Fury dropping one to Jones and Pokerface (yea.. he did..) beating John Allen.

Let’s stick down in the south and visit Tennessee for a spell. The Southern Wrestling Federation (SWF) presents Blood, Guts, and Glory on September 4th to a decent crowd. They even got to sit through the hell known as a lumberjack match when Mikey Dunn beat The Ringmaster (No – NOT Steve Austin). Also on hand was Shane Rhodes (no relation) beating Yukon Jack, and Gypsy Joe over Bobby Lowe in a hardcore match. The SWF tag titles and heavyweight title were on the line but neither changed hands.

Sadly this is just about it. There are some shows coming up with the most notable being CHIKARA this weekend. The PCWA will also be in action with Sal Sincere and the Patriot (shhhh.. same guy..) and ROH has more tapings! So take a look – catch some shows and have a blast.

As always, if you want your event covered or reported on then drop me an e-mail at and if you are REALLY bored and want to follow me on twitter you can find my twitter page at and I warn you – I twitter about all sorts of useless crap.
Until next time you take a shot of jack and pin Scott Hall.. this has been this week in indies.

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