Mr. Kennedy Anderson, Ashley, Moore, Roberts Tweet About Jeff Hardy

Several pro wrestlers have mentioned the Jeff Hardy arrest through their Twitter accounts…

Ken Anderson (f.k.a. Ken Kennedy):
Jeff Hardy is one of the best guys I’ve EVER known. Cares more about his family and his fans than any other celebrity I know. (Retweeted by several, including SD announcer Justin Roberts.)

EVERYBODY makes mistakes. Some people make them more than once, but they’re still human. Please keep your thoughts and prayers w him!

Last thing I’ll say.: Those who live in GLASS houses should not throw STONES! And most people live in glass houses.

Shannon Moore:
Don’t think of judging Jeff Hardy until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. I will always have Jeffs back…

Ashley Massarro:
Jeff Hardy is a great person n no one knows what it’s like for anyone else in this world unless you’ve walked in their shoes. Don’t judge…

I will always have Jeff’s back, he’s a wonderful person and put his body on the line for all of us every week Say a prayer for him if u can

It’s just funny…in a weird way how people LOVE 2 hear a neg story to “break” someone down-makes them feel better about themseves-pathetic

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