WWE Superstars Recap for 9/17/09

The WWE Universe reached their Breaking Point last week but what might those PPV results have in store for the viewers tonight of WGN on WWE Superstars? How about ECW Champion Christian taking on Paul Burchill and Finlay in action against Dolph Ziggler? Let’s check it out!

Chris Masters vs Santino Marella: We actually had this same match-up to open an episode of Superstars about a month ago. Masters displays his power as Santino clowns to begin the match. The crowd is really behind Santino. Masters dominates the early going with a powerslam and delayed vertical suplex. Santino fights back but quickly gets caught in a bearhug that he stomps on Masters’ feet to get out of. Santino hulks up and makes a big comeback to the delight of the crowd but it ends when he tries to beat Masters with his own hold. Chris easily breaks it only to apply his superior Masterlock which Santino cannot fight out. A month later but same results as Masters wins by submission.

Our Superstars video package of the week is for World Champion CM Punk and is shown as a “Straight Edge Announcement”. Have you seen the just announced roster for the upcoming Smackdown vs Raw 2010 video game? You can see the roster list right here on the Pulse!

ECW Champion Christian vs Paul Burchill: Zack Ryder joins Matt and Josh to recap his win of the #1 contender’s battle royale last night on ECW As Christian and Burchill get things started on the mat, Zack takes some time out to give a shout out to his girlfriend. Burchill takes control on the ECW champion with a few brawling tactics and I start to wish I could mute our addition to the announce team. Christian hits a missile dropkick and heads back up for some more offense, but Burchill recovers quickly to get out of the way. But not quick enough as Christian halts his move and clotheslines Paul over the top rope. The champ plays to the crowd to get his peeps involved and follows up on his opponent with a baseball slide as we slide out to a commercial break.

We return with the action down on the mat with Christian locked in a headlock by Burchill. A video highlight shows us that Christian went for some high risk offense outside the ring while we were away and it did not pay off. Burchill stays in control hitting a nice full nelson drop, but instead of breaking the hold he hangs on for a bit on the mat. Burchill hits a nice fisherman’s buster off the top rope and is dominating the ECW champ since we returned from break. Paul goes for some more offense in the corner and pays for it when Christian hits a tornado ddt instead and starts a big comeback. Burchill goes for his version of the jackknife but Christian hits a reverse ddt instead. He goes up top, but misses a dive and Burchill hits a nasty back suplex which gets him a long two count. Paul misses and attack in the corner and gets taken down by a shoulder block by Christian who engages his Killswitch and that’s finally enough to earn him the pinfall victory. That was a really good match and I hope we haven’t seen the last of this combination in the ring.

We get a video package of Orton vs Cena from Breaking Point and a backstage interview with Josh and Randy. Orton says his saying ‘I Quit” at the ppv was simply a business decision and that Cena still got the worst of their match and that will continue at Hell In A Cell.

Fit Finlay vs Dolph Ziggler: JR tells us that Ziggler will take on John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship at the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Finlay takes early control with a shoulder block and some brawling offense. After a failed comeback, Ziggler calls attention to Finlay having an untied shoe lace and demands he fix it. As he goes to tie it, Dolph attacks but as things spill outside the ring Fit again gains the advantage. Mr. Ziggles looks to take a break in the crowd, the ref looks to regain control and we look at some commercials.

As we return, Ziggler and Finlay have brought their brawling back into the ring. The fight falls down to the matt and Ziggler briefly takes control with several different holds trying to work on the head and neck of Finlay. The action briefly spills outside with Finlay gaining the advantage briefly before tossing Dolph back in the ring. But as Fit tries to climb back into the ring he is struck with a dropkick. Ziggler again takes control of things on the mat and continues to work on the neck and head of Finlay. Dolph misses a splash in the corner and that is enough of a break for an angry Irish comeback. The ref’s attention gets distracted with both men in the corner and Ziggler uses it to rake Finlay’s eyes and hit his finisher for the pinfall victory. Pretty decent brawl and that ends this pretty decent episode of Superstars as well.

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