TNA And WWE PPV Card Updates For Turning Point, Hell In A Cell

PW Torch’s James Caldwell has a full rundown of the card for TNA’s No Surrender PPV, which airs Sunday. It is as follows:

TNA World Hvt. champion Kurt Angle vs. A.J. Styles vs. Sting vs. Matt Morgan
Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino
X Division champion Samoa Joe vs. Daniels
Legends champion Kevin Nash vs. Abyss in a $50,000 bounty match
Knockouts champion Cody Deaner vs. ODB
Knockouts tag tournament finals: Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde & Sarita
Lethal Lockdown match: Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. British Invasion vs. TNA tag champions Scott Steiner & Booker T
Hernandez vs. Eric Young

He also points out that Bobby Lashley’s push is pretty ridiculous:

Bobby Lashley hasn’t shown the “wrestling charisma” necessary to be a top star that can actually draw money as a “second from the top” act for TNA. He’s a serviceable act, but not a main eventer in wrestling. I understand the decision because TNA is investing a lot of time and money into developing him as a cross-over pro wrestler and MMA star. But, his major sit-down interview with Dixie Carter a few weeks tanked in the ratings and he doesn’t have that grab-your-attention feel to him.

Or: Bobby Lashley is BORING!!!!!!!!! He’s boring the people! That’s be what I would say.

In WWE PPV news, Caldwell comments on the announcement of John Morrison vs. Dolph Zigller for the Intercontinental Championship at Hell In A Cell:

Ziggler was very impressive on tonight’s Superstars show. He’s much better playing a heel in the ring with his subtle mannerisms then being asked to take the weekly Abraham Washington should-a-been-tossed-in-the-trash joke material and make something out of it on live PPV TV.

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