Unreal Origins – The Conversation That Changes Everything

Note: This is not an official origin story. This is just one made up by a fan for the sake of entertainment. All characters featured are property of their respective owners.

He was almost ready to give up.

Months of chasing and being swerved out of a Championship he knew should have been his. Months of frustration that would be taken out on an unfortunate Japanese man in the form of a clothesline. All of the frustration flowed through that one moment and now there was only apathy. Now there was only a man who did not mind getting back to his roots of simply making money. The old Hulk Hogan was back. The long cape, the sneer, the managerial skills of Mister Blassie, all of it. Being aligned with the Iron Sheik did not bother him. This is a business, after all. As he arrived at the arena, though one thing did bother him.

Where was Freddie?

He knew there was celebrating to still be had over Iron Sheik’s WWF Championship win over Bob Backlund. Hulk, still feeling the sting of his chasing of Nick Bockwinkel’s AWA World title was not much on taking part. That reluctance was now beginning to lead to paranoia as he looked around the buildiing, holding a duffelbag in his left hand.

Where is Freddie?

And that is when he hears the call.

“You look lost.”

Hulk looks over to see a man looking up from his newspaper. The man stands up, placing the newspaper in his seat. Hulk looks at the man, his sneer forming as if on cue.

Hulk: Bob Backlund. How’s it going, “Champ?” Or should I say, “Ex-Champ?”

Bob looks up at the taller Hulk.

Bob: Good job on the acting skills, Mister Hogan. I see Stallone’s done wonders for you.

Hulk: …Really?

The sneer disappears.

Bob: Like I said, you look lost.

Hulk: Don’t worry about me, brother.

Hulk starts to walk away.

Bob: I’m not. Why would I worry about a man who hates this country?

Bob goes back to his seat to continue reading his paper, while rage fills Hulk’s face of Bob’s casual indemnation.

Hulk: Excuse me???

Bob ignores the rage, only looking up when his newspaper is ripped away from his hands.

Hulk: I’m talking to you!!!

Bob stands up from his seat, the two men locking eyes.

Hulk: What the Hell makes you say I hate this country?

Bob: Are you really that dense?

Hulk raises his right arm, clinching his fist.

Bob: Yeah. I’m sure you could knock me out. Won’t change a thing.

The fist is still clinched.

Bob: It won’t change that you’d probably rather be in Japan, knocking out Inoki.

The fist is still clinched.

Bob: It won’t change that you’re back here and back with Blassie.

The fist is still clinched.

Bob: It won’t change that you’re just hired muscle for a Champion that doesn’t respect you.

The fist is still clinched.

Bob: A Champ who proclaims Iran and its Ayatollah to be superior. While you do what? Take the money?

The fist is still clinched.

Bob: All you do is help him think he’s right. Throw money at the American. They’ll do anyhing for the money. Money’s more important than your sense of Patriotism.

Hulk: Shut up.

Bob: Why? You know I’m right.

Hulk unclinches his fist.

Hulk: You know what? I’m not in the mood for this.

Bob: Alright. Go do your Master’s bidding then. I know I wouldn’t wanna be you.

Hulk: Whatever you say.

Bob crosses his arms.

Bob: You think it’s a coincidence they’re not here? Didn’t you hear the news?

Hulk: What news?

Bob: Captain Lou’s treating your Iranian Champion and manager to lunch. Right now, they’re at a restaurant with the Samoans. They’re talking about what they’re going to do to me. They’re talking about they’re going to run roughshod over the rest of the World Wrestling Federation. And they’re talking about how they’re going to use you get it done. All that just so Sheik can continue to fund the Ayatollah. They’re going to use you, Hulk.

Hulk: Ha. Nobody uses the Hulk.

Bob: Really. Keep that in mind when you ask Fred about challenging for the belt.

Hulk: …

Bob shakes his head.

Bob: Nevermind. You’re just a lost cause anyway.

Hulk: You keep talkin’ like that and I’m gonna have to finish what Blassie and Albano started. You won’t be talking so tough with a paralyzed back.

Bob: Yeah. That’ll help. You just remember this, Hulk.

Bob raises his right arm, pointing with his right index finger towards the bridge of Hulk’s nose.

Bob: No matter what happens to me, I can die knowing I never turned my back on this country. Or these fans over money. I’m not the one who doing Khomeini’s bidding. He can take our people hostage and you’ll still do business with him. You used to mean something. You used to be something. Now you’re just…

Bob can see his words are piercing.

Hulk: Bob…that’s enough. I’m doing what I have to do.

Bob: No, you’re doing what you WANT to do! You’re back in the W.W.F. You’re making good money. You don’t need Blassie. You don’t need to take orders from Blassie or the Sheik. You do it because you wanna do it!

Hulk looks away, turning his head left to right and back, upset.

Bob: Look, I know about what happened with Bockwinkel and Heenan. You should have won. I know you feel that having the fans on your side wasn’t enough. I know you feel that being able to almost knock Antonio’s head off in that tournament was empowering. I know you want something familiar now that you’re back here. But Hulk, you need to understand…if you wanna be a Champ here in the States, then being with Blassie and Sheik isn’t gonna get you any closer. You’ll be no closer to being Champ here than you were in Minnesota.

Hulk: You don’t know that. Mister Blassie promised that I’d be Champ some day.

Bob: Do you think you were brought back here to be Blassie’s Champion? Iron Sheik’s his Champion, not you. Your only job will probably be to put me out and any other contender that crosses Sheik’s path. Now…I got a tag team match to prepare for against the Samoans, Hulk. You’ve got a choice to make. Do you want to be your own man? Or do you want to just take the extra money? Take the money and be nothing more than muscle for Blassie and Albano?

Hulk: Tag team match? …Who’s your partner?

Bob: I don’t have one. And Albano’s probably gonna refuse it anyway and just make it a singles match. But if push comes to shove, I may come back here for an ally. A man who still believes in these fans and this country. Or maybe I’ll just take my chances. The choice is yours, Hulk.

Hulk looks over to his right and sees a group of men jovialy entering the building. They do not notice him or Backlund. Freddie Blassie, Hulk’s manager is there with Captain Lou Albano and his team of Samoan powerhouses. They appear to be sharing in a good laugh. Something just does not set right about any of this. Hulk looks back toward Bob only to notice that he is now alone. In his locker room, there was a cape awaiting him. He was already in his wrestling gear. He looks at the duffelbag, unzipping it and looking in. His streetclothes, wallet and are shoved aside as he sees a red shirt.

Hulk: What the…?

Hulk pulls the shirt out, unaware that he had placed the shirt in there to begin with. He knew it was his, though. He sees the letters in white, “AMERICAN MADE.” He looks at the shirt and then looks up at where Blassie and company had just entered the building, then back to the shirt. It is decision time and this decision will change everything.