The SmarK Legacy Rant for Monday Night RAW – October 18 1993

The SmarK Legacy Rant for Monday Night RAW – October 18 1993

– Live from Poughkeepsie, NY

– Your hosts are Vince, Macho and Bobby.

The Steiner Brothers v. PJ Walker & Tony Devito

Scott overpowers Devito and then hits him with a full nelson suplex, because apparently he’s in a bad mood. Over to Rick, who powerslams Walker and then kills him with a Steinerline. Over to Scott who gets a dropkick, and then dedicates the STEINER SCREWDRIVER to the Macho Man. The crowd goes crazy for that. Walker is justifiably dead, so it’s back to Devito and Scott hits him with a tilt-a-whirl suplex and they finish with the top rope bulldog at 2:50. MEGA-SQUASH.

IRS v. Scott Taylor

IRS sends him into the corner and drops elbows, then puts him down with a back elbow. Taylor gets two off a sunset flip, but IRS fires back with a butterfly suplex and stomps him down. We hit the chinlock and it’s over to the abdominal stretch as this drags on. Write-Off clothesline finishes at 3:25.

Meanwhile, in Nashville, some goof named Jeff Jarrett wants to use the WWF as a stepping stone to become a country music superstar. And in case you weren’t sure of the spelling, it’s J-E-double-F J-A-double-R-E-double-T. He was actually around for a long time before he got over.

Tatanka v. Iron Mike Sharpe

For those wondering, Iron Mike is a jobber who I give a crap about. We take a quick trip back to Superstars last week, as Ludvig Borga gets in Tatanka’s face to set up the match that ends the undefeated streak. Sharpe tries a full nelson and Tatanka reverses it, so Sharpe goes to the ropes and complains at length about hair-pulling. Tatanka tries a hammerlock, and Sharpe goes to the ropes again and complains further. And SPEAKING of complaints, Randy Savage suddenly goes off on a crazy rant against Hulk Hogan and how he thinks that he’s bigger than God and he’s a raging egomaniac. Where did THAT come from? Never mind this stupid squash, let’s get Savage back on that topic again. Papoose to Go finishes at 3:00 before Savage can expound any further on the subject.

Bam Bam Bigelow v. Dennis Diamond

Bam Bam pounds away and tosses him, and back in for more beating. Suplex and he drops the headbutts, then puts him down with an enzuigiri. Dropkick into the corner sets up the slingshot splash to finish at 3:00.

And now, the Randy Savage-Crush Summit. Bobby Heenan brings out Crush and his new manager, Mr. Fuji, along with his new EVIL GOATEE. So here’s the explanation: Savage taught Crush everything when they were traveling up and down the highways, brudda, but when the student surpassed the teacher, Randy sent Crush into the ring against Yokozuna and then left him for dead. That’s…a pretty good explanation, actually. Good acting from Savage here as he sells the betrayal and squirms with all the accusations. Savage makes one last try at talking sense into Crush, offering a handshake so they can go talk it out. The crowd eats it all up, totally ready to forgive, so Crush accepts and the story continues. Until Crush lays him out on the way back to the dressing room, at which point the beatdown commences and we have a new mega-heel. Savage is bleeding from the mouth and everything, and Yokozuna joins the party for a butt splash. This was a GREAT piece of business.

Next week: Diesel! 1-2-3 Kid v. Marty Jannetty! Ludvig Borga! Evil Crush!

Bonus match: Razor Ramon v. Tony Devito

From Superstars the same week, as the 24/7 Online service now gives a bonus match after each RAW. Razor slugs him down and gets the backdrop superplex, then finishes with the Razor’s Edge at 3:10.

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