CSI: NY – Episode 6-1 Review

Holy cow!!! There was a lot going on in this premiere episode!

The thing that was best about it was that it picked up exactly where the season finale left off. We see the entire team looking for cover as a gunman opens rapid fire on a bar where they were all toasting to the memory of Det. Jessica Angel. In the midst of all the chaos, Mac looks over and sees a pool of blood coming from one of the team members – no idea who it is though. A series of montages are then shown: Mac looking at his wall of suspects in his office, Flack meeting a mystery girl in a bar, and Stella getting dressed in Adam’s room after what was obviously a little ron deveaux between the two of them.

Mac then receives a call and tells someone that he will come pick them up. This person turns out to be, as I called it, Danny in a wheelchair – letting us know that he was the one injured in the shooting. The two of them meet a girl in an empty floor of a warehouse. She tells them about her brother Jake and how she thinks he may be planning something. Before she can give any more details, a gunman opens fire on all three of them; shooting our mystery girl in the neck (whose name we later learn is Risa Calavares) and killing her. Mac goes after the gunman but is unable to catch him.

The team then comes to clean up the crime scene and it appears that Adam is more than just a lab tech now. He may be an official CSI. We also meet a new possible member of the team, Halyn Bacall (who knows if I spelled that right). I for one really hope that her character doesn’t get great reviews from fans because just in the little that we saw of her, I didn’t like her. And I don’t think she will mesh well with the team at all.

Another drive-by shooting has occurred, only this time outside of a club. Posted on a billboard atop Times Square is a message in lights that says, ” Do we have your attention?” and “Pay us and we’ll stop.” That, along with the bullet being the same caliber as those used in the bar shooting, lead the team to believe this is the same group of people.

The man who opened fire in the warehouse is identified as Dave Wilson, but only as he is dumped on the front steps of a hospital already dead. When the team identifies the mystery girl as Risa Calavares based on her voice mail message from the warehouse (where she ironically worked), they are able to track down her brother Jake (played by the youngest of the Lawrence brothers, Andrew). Jake says that he had no idea the other two guys were going to kill his sister, and also says that he was not present at the bar shooting months earlier.

There wasn’t a ton of character development in this episode other than that of the relationship between Danny and Lindsay. His frustration with being in a wheelchair is evident and we learn that the doctor has only given him a 10% chance of ever walking again. The overwhelming love and support Lindsay shows Danny mad me realize why I have loved this pairing from the very beginning.

We learn that Hawkes has been working part-time at the hospital on weekends, which may or may not be affecting his work as a CSI (the episode showed signs of both, so only time will tell). Stella and Adam “agree” that what happened between them was wonderful, spontaneous, and memorable, it will never happen again. Something tells me though, that this is not the last we will see of this romance.

The very last scene of the episode shows Danny moving his foot. It may not seem like much, but it’s proof to all you Danny Messer fans that he will not be confined to that wheelchair forever. In fact, Hill Harper (Sheldon Hawkes) recently posted a picture on his twitter page of him and Carmine Giovinazzo, who plays Danny, filming a scene for the show. And guess what?? Danny wasn’t in a wheelchair! Have no fear Danny fans. You’re man will be up and at ’em before you know it!