A Modest Blog on Eric Young

I hate Eric Young. He’s got to be the least talented non-child of a promoter to be pushed seriously. You have to look to the likes of Eric Watts and David Sammartino to find this level of mediocrity given a top push and wasting it. He’s a bland mic worker who isn’t very good in the ring and has a mediocre look without any real size. He’s fooled some people into thinking he’s good in the ring, when he’s just able to be carried by a top notch heel. As a heel himself now, he’s calling far more of matches and is ultimately without value.

Some claim his tenure in TNA and commitment to poor gimmicks as a reason for this push. That’d work, but these same people decry WWE for when they tried (and failed) at similar pushes with Hardcore Holly and Al Snow. Of course, there is the rather unique view (hi Wheeler!) that you have a secondary guy in charge of a top stable so he can lose and the number two man can break out. This plan worked wonderfully with Rock in the Nation and Tyler Black with the Age of the Fall. Of course, these new stars were ready made and built with the groups, not added later. Within Eric Young’s “World Elite” there is not one breakout star. This has to be why TNA was flirting with Nigel McGuinness before the WWE snapped him up.

As is, until someone who can become a star comes into the group (Matt Morgan? They’ve tried everything else with him) the Young push is a waste. He’ll continue to rasp his weak promos full of trite clichés and put on slow, boring matches that we’ll be sold as cutting edge because they’re in a six sided ring. The real shame of it is that his push is supposed to be taken seriously, so they wasted months of Hernandez build to put heat on Young. All this means is that for a guy who may one day be able to make a star, TNA is ruining their next young, over talent that they can push to the next level, just like Tomko, Monty Brown and so many others before.

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