Ten TUF Thoughts: The Kimbo/Roy Episode

1. Will Kimbo ever rest?…. the inner me is the enemy? Kimbo just blew my mind. I think.

2. I just looked up family man in the dictionary and surprisingly there is a picture of Kimbo Slice there!

3. Thanks to Roy Nelson, we all have to be a little bit weary about talking smack to big fat dudes. Now what am I going to do on the weekends?

4. After hearing Rampage’s British accent, I do believe we have found our first black James Bond. He is an actor now, after all.

5. Charisma: it is the reason Rampage gets 90 percent of the face time between the two coaches. Also, everyone hates Rashad Evans.

6. Marcus Jones: passionate gardener, dungeons and dragons, comic books….you aren’t the most boring brother ever, just the nerdiest!

7. You knew Kimbo was going to get taken down immediately the first time Roy tried. Of course I didn’t, but I’m a genius. My mom says so.

8. Wow, Roy — if you put any power in those shots to the top of the head he might have stopped it. You might as well have been fluffing a pillow with as weak as they were.

9. Roy got hit and didn’t like it, so he did the smart thing and took Kimbo down and then let the belly do the rest!

10. We’re all thinking the same thing: Kimbo v Kongo. Come on Mr. White, this fight must happen!

You asked for it, so here it is: BONUS HAIKU!

Roy verses Kimbo
Please take your belly off me
Dana not impressed

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