Inside Fights Boxer Rankings – Oct 2009

With two of the top three pound-for-pound boxers fighting each other last month, there was bound to be a shake-up in the rankings. See where both Floyd Mayweather Jr and Juan Manuel Marquez rank in our updated pound-for-pound rankings.

Inside Fights Pound-for-Pound Rankings

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr
Last Month: 2
“Just about everyone expected Mayweather to be too big and too fast for Marquez, but few imagined he would win as easily as he did. Not even catching five legit punches from your opponent, especially when your opponent was the third best in the world going into the fight, is impressive any way you slice it.” – Corey Willinger

2. Manny Pacquiao
Last Month: 1
“It seemed like nothing could take Manny Pacquiao from the top spot this month. To see Manny drop to number 2 shows just how impressive Floyd’s performance was. Manny the opportunity to impress when he battles Miguel Cotto in November.” – Trent Pusey

3. Bernard Hopkins
Last Month: 4
“Bernard gets bumped up a spot just because Marquez was so thoroughly dominated for every second of his fight with Mayweather. He’s finally taking the rematch against career nemesis Roy Jones Jr. in a fight that is long overdue and a lot less meaningful now.” – CW

4. Paul Williams
Last Month: 5
“Williams figures to be on this list for years to come. His fight with Kelly Pavlik has been delayed and hopefully will go down as planned in December.” – TP

5. Juan Manuel Marquez
Last Month: 3
“Being thumped that bad by Mayweather either means Floyd is light years ahead of the rest of boxing or that Marquez can’t deal with moving up in weight as well as Pacquiao and Mayweather have; either way, he needs to show he can get back to form against lesser fighters.” – CW

6. Shane Mosley
Last Month: 7
“Mosley needs a fight. He won’t fight Mayweather anytime soon so it may be in his best interest to revisit the December/January dates.” – TP

7. Israel Vazquez
Last Month: 6
“The wait is over, and Vazquez is back in two weeks. All eyes will be on him as long as he continues to fight, but he needs to be impressive to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.” – CW

8. Miguel Cotto
Last Month: 8
“Just like Pacquiao, Cotto has the opportunity to make some waves on this list when the two meet in November. It’s the next big fight to look forward to.” – TP

9. Chad Dawson
Last Month: 9
“Dawson has it tough heading into his November fight with Glen Johnson, a workhorse of an opponent who is always hard to look good against. Dawson might be stuck in his present spot a while unless he manages to win a wide points decision or somehow stop Johnson.” – CW

10. Arthur Abraham
Last Month: 10
“Abraham faces a tough test on Oct 17 when he faces Jermain Taylor. He needs to win in order to stay on this list.” – TP

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