WWE Superstars Recap for 10/01/09

One night away from a huge episode of Smackdown and just 3 days away from Hell In A Cell, what does WWE Superstars on WGN add to the big events? How about a preview of Sunday’s US Title match as Kofi Kingston faces the Miz!

Shad vs. Tyson Kidd: Eve and JTG are at ringside to support Shad and DH Smith and Natalya accompany Kidd. The big man takes control of things early with a series of power moves on Kidd but loses it momentarily when he misses a splash in the corner and Kidd goes low with a dropkick. Tyson does not get to work the leg for long as he gets dumped but Shad again misses a running attack and boots the ring post instead of his opponent. This mistake does allow an opening for Kidd to work over the legs of his larger foe including a submission move utilizing the ring post. JTG comes over to protest, which leads to a face-off of all the ringside superstars and we go to a commercial break.

As we return to action Kidd has control of Shad down on the mat as he continues to work on the leg of Shad. But Gaspard fights back with a series of clotheslines and a big back body drop off the ropes. Shad goes for the pinfall after another vicious slam but Kidd gets his foot on the rope before the three count. Kidd is tossed over the top rope but he hangs on and drops Shad throat first when he attempts a follow up. Tyson goes for a springboard maneuver but Shad catches him for a Rock Bottom and gets the pinfall victory. I am kind of surprised by the lack of shenanigans and outside interference during that match.

But speaking of Rock Bottom’s did you know “the Great One” will return to Smackdown (via video package) tomorrow night? You can see the Rock’s promo video here and get further info on the possible time table for him to guest host Raw here.

Sheamus vs. Tyler Reks: The two lock-up and scuffle a bit to start things off and Sheamus gets dumped as a result as Matt Striker credits Reks’ athleticism to his extreme sport background. Sheamus returns to the ring on the attack and takes control of the match. As the pale wonder locks on a submission hold, Matt kindly explains to us why the “Celtic Warrior” shouldn’t be considered an albino. Tyler tries to make the babyface comeback and gets a two count after a big elbow drop. After an exchange in the corner, Reks walks right into a bicycle kick by Sheamus and that is more than enough for the pinfall victory. That was pretty brief and uneventful hence the focus on what Striker had to say.

Our superstar video of the week is for Randy Orton. I think “the Legend Killer” is still a much better nickname than “the Viper”. Besides an individual package we also get a video about his rivalry with John Cena, but not much of one as it only covers the last month and they’ve now been feuding for 8 years. Cole and Lawler do a brief rundown of the card for Sunday’s pay-per-view and by brief I mean they only mention the three main event matches. You can scope out the full card here.

US Champion Kofi Kingston vs. the Miz: As we begin, Miz knocks Kofi down with a shoulder block and gets all in the champs grill about it afterwards. Miz tosses Kingston into the corner but eats boot on the follow up attempt and Kofi follows with a Steamboat-esque chop off the top rope. After a successful attack in the corner, Miz tries to go up top himself but the champ counters and again takes control of things. Kingston lands several attacks off the ropes and is rolling as he knocks Miz out over the top rope. The US champ looks to follow him outside with an aerial attack but Mike bails up the ramp and we get some commercials.

We return with Kingston still on the attack and in control until the Miz stops a kick in the corner and begins to attack the champ’s left leg. Kofi dodges an attack and locks in a headlock but Miz turns it into a knee breaker and continues to assault the leg. Miz tries to use the bottom rope as a tag-team partner but gets kicked out of the ring by Kofi as a result. But the challenger is relentless and trips Kofi up and slams his leg against the near by ring post. Miz stays on the attack once back in the ring and Kingston continues to hold him at bay but can’t gain any momentum hoping around on one leg. Miz locks on a single leg crab but he is far too close to the ropes and Kofi is able to crawl over and the ref forces the break. As both men rise Kofi dodges an attack near the ropes and hits Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere and picks up the pinfall victory.

Post match, Jack Swagger comes out to congratulate Kofi on his victory by attacking him from behind as he celebrates his win. Of course being the “All-American American” that he is he also takes the time to power bomb the Miz as well. Swagger poses with the US title and that is Superstars for this week, see you tomorrow night for Smackdown!

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