10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 09.25.09

1. I’m not sure on the opening segment. While it set up everything that needs to be set up, such as the World Heavyweight Championship match for Hell in a Cell, it just didn’t have that special something. It felt a little bit bland and other than CM Punk’s consistently entertaining promo’s didn’t seem to impressive despite the premise meaning it should have been.

2. The John Morrison/ Dolph Ziggler feud has been entertaining recently but it seems that other than those two the only other two midcarders capable of wrestling in the Intercontinental title division are Finlay and Mike Knox. Why not mix things up and give Matt Hardy, R-Truth and even the Hart Dynasty a shot at being involved in these kinds of tag matches?

3. it’s sad to see Slam Master J get completely squashed, but on the other hand it is great to see Kane getting a good push. At least I can enjoy it now that he isn’t feuding with the Great Khali.

4. Now that Drew McIntyre is ‘officially’ signed to SmackDown maybe we’ll finally get to see him wrestle. I need to see if his in ring skills are up to par before I fully give my support to the guy.

5. I hate how Batista has been made to look stronger than both holders of the tag team titles. I get that they want to make him look strong since he’s only just returned but there is no need to do it at the expense of the champions who need to look like a threat at all times.

6. Oh how I miss Vince McMahon being on RAW every week. At least then I didn’t have to watch him.

7. And WWE’s weak tag team division continues. Having only had a Hart Dynasty/ Cryme Time feud a month or two back the two teams are now feuding again, this time for no reason other than to fill time. WWE needs to realize that people do enjoy tag team wrestling and that right now they don’t even have a proper tag division going on.

8. Wait? Rey Mysterio gets suspended, loses his Intercontinental title because of it and now is getting rewarded with a tag team title shot. I’m so out of the loop I’ve forgotten what punishment really is.

9. I understand the booking behind The Undertaker looking like an unstoppable force of nature, but CM Punk really needs to be booked to look capable of beating him at least semi cleanly otherwise it will look unbelievable if Punk manages to go over at Hell in a Cell, since I can’t cope with a second screwjob finish in this feud.

10. My final point is that SmackDown turns 10 years old on the next edition, yet there has been very little hype for it compared to what it should be getting. Unless something big happens it could be a total waste of an opportunity.

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