The Office – Episode 6-03 Review

“It doesn’t take a genius to know that any organization thrives when it has two leaders. Where would Catholicism be without the Popes?”

On this week’s “The Promotion”, the office find Michael and Jim struggling to adjust to each others’ co-managing style.
Jim finds Michael to be difficult in sharing authority, going so far as to call Michael out on his counter-productive meetings.

Tensions escalate when David Wallace calls to inform the co-managers that not all office employees will be recieving cost of living raises, forcing them to have to choose who is most deserving of a raise. Unsurprisingly, Michael remains uncooperative throughout this process, accusing Jim of thinking too much.

Meanwhile, Pam is timid about letting her wedding guests know that they need cash gifts and not toasters. She laments her materialism but beams when she sees “Mrs. Pam Halpert” printed on a check Kevin writes her.

Jim suggests that they give the raises only to the sales staff, which Michael challenges Jim to announce to the entire office. The decision is accused of being biased and insulting to everyone, who lambaste Jim. Dwight takes advatage of the situation to take the side of everyone not a salesman, attempting to make Jim look even worse.

“I don’t think you’re good at making tough decisions.”
“Here’s a tough decision for you: You suck.”

Michael tries to take control of the situation, but instead recedes into his usual strategy of evading questions. With the two of them looking powerless and indecisive, they retreat into the conference room to hammer out a new plan to give everyone a raise.

As the office workers air their grievances, Jim and Michael try to come up with new ways to figure out the distribution of the raises–such as placing pictures of the employees around a table and placing beans on them.

“They determine our worth by putting beans on our faces.”

Dwight slips in and discovers this when Jim and Michael leave the room. He shows the table to the rest of the office who only end up bickering and jealous over the beans.

Dwight finally rises up to make a principled stance against Jim, but the rest of the office respond with an unenthusiastic “Oh…”

Michael meets Jim in his office, suddenly realizing that he’s fortunate to have someone to go through this difficult process with. He gives him a World’s Best Boss mug of his own…filled with gin.

“The Promotion” mostly serves to cap off the conflict introduced last week. It’s interesting seeing Michael so close to hating Jim. It’s a great rivalry. The writers continue to keep things moving by stressing out all of the leads simultaneously, even if Dwight’s rally against authority has become a little tired. The lack of resolution was unsatisfying, but next week’s wedding (!!!) will make up for any losses this episode. Looking <i>very</i> forward to next Thursday!