10 Thoughts on ECW – 09.22.09 and 09.29.09

01. Overall ECW is still chugging along. Although it seems the brand will never embrace its roots as a smart mark program, the show at least manages to elevate almost everyone who deserves it. Unlike RAW where amazing talent like Evan Bourne is still being jobbed out.

02. Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder and Goldust have really picked up where Jack Swagger left off. Unfortunately even the four of them combined can’t compare to the presence Swagger had on the show before he was pulled away into the suck zone that is RAW.

03. Without Swagger, Christian’s current title run lacks that antagonist to really make Christian shine as the face. Regal just isn’t cutting it. His character is dull and flat and lacks the… well Swagger that Jack had.

04. In fact while Regal has changed his style of selling and what not, he really doesn’t come across as having much of a shine or a spark to him. He’s actually quite dull to watch and having him put Yoshi Tatsu over was quite nice last week.

05. Speaking of Tatsu, I really hope they don’t pull him off ECW. The brand needs stars of its own and Tatsu and Ryder are hopefully being built up as such.

06. Typically the ECW brand serves to build up new stars when in reality the stars should serve to build up the brand. And every year the brand is gutted and other than the shitstain that is Tommy Dreamer and for this year, Christian, the brand has continued to fall into red-headed stepchild territory.

07. Really over the next brand extension, Ryder and Tatsu need to be left where they are and Christian and Regal and Jackson and Kozlov need to moved off.

08. Goldust should also be left where he is because he is actually getting over the with the audience and has been more entertaining than Christian for a while.

09. Even the WWE polls say so.

10. Alas while I was enjoying the show for the last year, this year is a bit of a drag.

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