10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 10/1/09

10. Why on earth does Foley need both a barbed wire bat AND security? What, so if the bat misses he has a weak backup?

9. Love the X Division guys in general, and they do good work. But if you ask me, Amazing Red was the standout worker in that match by a mile. Lived up to his name.

8. I can’t be the only person who shudders every single time Kevin Nash is referred to as “big sexy”.

7. Sorry guys, but that “playboy model” match was cringeworthy. Mostly because of the sleazy comments that a certain member of the commentary team was making.

6. They’re actually doing a good job of hyping up AJ vs. Sting. Now, they do have a few more weeks to completely blow it, but lets hope that they actually pull this one off.

5. That is a move I’d like to see more often for comedy in wrestling. ODB’s face in Awesome Kong’s armpit. Who knows, maybe Santino could add it to his arsenal.

4. If they could actually book some proper World Elite vs. MEM matches, with stipulations to keep the rest of the factions backstage. Because brawls never do things justice.

3. I’m no Beautiful People fan, but I am hoping that the inclusion of Lacey Von Erich might just elevate their heel status further until they’re unsurpassable.

2. Matt Morgan is a standout for more than one reason, but at the moment you have to respect the man for not joining in with either of the heel factions in any capacity.

1. Bobby Lashley, invincible. (to a point). Here’s hoping that he doesn’t get complacent and mess up in the ring because of focusing too much on MMA.

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