An 0-16 in 2009

Four games into the NFL season there are six winless teams. Suprisingly, the Detroit Lions is not one of them.  The question remains, will there be an 0-16 team in 2009? I will look at the winless teams and tell you which (in my opinion) is likely to go 0-16.

Cleveland Browns- The Browns have been plain awful ever since Derek Anderson played terrible last season. While they have two good quarterbacks on the roster in Anderson and Brady Quinn, the Browns cant get anything going. The offense has scored only four touchdowns, tied for second worst in the NFL.  They have scored only 49 points while giving up a whopping 118, worst in the NFL.

Tennessee Titans- While the Titans rallied behind the never aging Kerry Collins last season and went 12-4 with a playoff berth, this season has not quite been the same. The offense has weapons in Collins and Chris Johnson, but they lack a go-to receiver. Even with that problem, they have managed nine touchdowns. The defense is the main problem, allowing 108 opponent points. Look for the titans to start clicking and to make a minor comeback, finishing the season 7-5, for a record of 7-9.

Kansas City Chiefs- They thought that Matt Cassel would be their savior at quarterback, after a miserable season in ’08. Injures have prevented him earlier, yet the Chiefs dont have enough weapons behind him. Look for another 4-12 season in KC, which is now expected year after year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The offense needs to begin clicking on all cylinders. Second year pro Josh Johnson is at qb, and the Bucs have only scored 53 points in four games, third worse in the NFL, behind the Panthers and Browns, two winless teams. Tampa Bay will eventually win a game, but dont expect many more after that.

Carolina Pathers- 37 points in three games? That is pathetic. With a dynamic duo at runningback in Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams, a star wide receiver in Steve Smith and a proven quarterback in Jake Delhomme, the offense should be in high gear. Look for the Panthers to turn things around by week six and end with a strong finish to the season.

St. Louis Rams- When a team is consistantly drafting in the top five, something is wrong. The Rams front office has not figured out what it is yet. The answer is, it is time for Marc Bulger to leave town, and Steven Jackson to be replaced, due to nagging injuries and inconsistancy. The defense is merely average, but the Rams are so bad that it hardly matters.

Team most likely to go winless: St. Louis Rams

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