Early WWE Raw Preview: Ben Roethlisberger Guest Host, Post PPV Angles


WWE Raw for Monday October 5, 2009 is set to be hosted by Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger along with members of his offensive line.

With Raw Ratings hitting a 2009-long low last week, WWE is hoping to cut off some of the football losses caused by the presense of Monday Night Football, especially with a marquee game on the schedule.

WWE has seen ratings success with mainstream sports celebrities, most notably a high Raw rating for the Shaq Guest Hosting stint.

Creatively, the show is the Raw after a PPV, which usually begins the angles for the next PPV. However, in addition, there is expected to be a “football” type theme to the events, playing in on both the guest host as well as the competition with Monday Night Football.

We’ll have more on Raw as WWE updates their official preview, and of course we’ll have live coverage of the show Monday night and overnight on the site.

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