News on WWE Bragging Rights PPV: Match Gimmicks, Rumored Card


WWE’s next new PPV is called Bragging Rights, and will take place in about three weeks on Sunday October 25, 2009. This was previously the “Cyber Sunday” fan voting PPV, which has been scrapped for 2009.

Instead, the matches at Bragging Rights will be entirely made up of inter-brand matches between Raw and Smackdown wrestlers (ECW is apparently not part of the event). There will be about 7 matches, with the winners from each joining in a “Final Bragging Rights Match” with Raw and Smackdown winners teaming up. This is similar to the concept used by WWE for Survivor Series 1990.

No matches have been announced, but there are several rumored matches for the event at this point.

Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston vs John Morrison

DX vs Big Show/Jericho

We should begin to see the card take shape this week, beginning with Raw on Monday and into the ECW and Smackdown shows later in the week.

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