Boxing vs. UFC Part II

The biggest fight left in 2009 for boxing fans is Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto on November 14. The last big fight in boxing was Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Juan Manuel Marquez last month. That fight went head-to-head with UFC 103 sparking a war of words between Floyd and UFC President Dana White. It also open the floodgates for UFC vs boxing columns all throughout the web. Well, get ready for a lot more.

Randy Couture and Brandon Vera will main event UFC 105 on November 14, the same day as Pacquiao-Cotto. The UFC has made the first move and is televising UFC 105 on Spike TV, against the pay-per-view offering on the boxing side.

So I open this post up to the comments section. What do you think of the boxing vs. MMA rivalry? How do you see November 14 playing out amongst fight fans? Offer your comments below.

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