2010 MLB Free Agent Class: Part 3

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at the 2010 free agent class by team. I’ll list all of the free agents along with their Free Agent Status (A/B).

Part 3…
AL West

Los Angeles Angels
Bobby Abreu – A
Kelvim Escobar
Chone Figgins – B
Vladimir Guerrero – A
John Lackey – A
Darren Oliver – A
Robb Quinlan

Max Potential Picks Added: 9

Abreu and Lackey are the key guys to be re-signed; many believe the acquisition of Scott Kazmir means Lackey is gone, but I’m not sure about that. Abreu has stated he wants to stay and he’s a big part of why the Angels hitters were more patient this year. Both should at least get arbitration offers. Guerrero and Oliver will not be offered arbitration, and probably won’t be retained. Chone Figgins should be as good as gone, but they’ll offer him arbitration. Escobar is too much of an injury risk; he’ll probably end up in someones bullpen. Quinlann is a non-roster invitee waiting to happen.

Oakland Athletics
Bobby Crosby
Justin Duchscherer – A
Nomar Garciaparra
Adam Kennedy
Brett Tomko

Max Potential Picks Added: 2

Duchscherer will get an arbitration offer; he shouldn’t make too much coming off injury and Billy Beane will want something if he declines. Of the remaining, the Athletics have said they wouldn’t mind Kennedy back. The rest aren’t worth of consideration, not that Kennedy is either.

Seattle Mariners
Miguel Batista
Erik Bedard
Adrian Beltre – B
Russell Branyan
Endy Chavez
Ken Griffey Jr
Mike Sweeney
Jack Wilson (Option)

Max Potential Picks Added: 1

Beltre should be offered arbitration, but I see him declining it to test the market. They want to bring back Branyan, which could be Beltre’s replacement. They have also said they’ll see what Griffey wants to do; both sides aren’t against a return, but it depends on Griffey’s role (which should be nothing more than part-time DH/pinch hitter). Wilson’s option will probably be picked up, since they gave up a lot for a player that can’t hit. They’re happy to have Batista off their books; he’ll join Chavez and Sweeney in a job hunt. The interesting player is Bedard. He’s lights out when healthy; unfortunately, he’s good for at least 1 DL trip per season. I’d try to re-sign him to a lower rate, but I have a feeling someone will offer him some big money.

Texas Rangers
Joaquin Benoit
Hank Blalock
Marlon Byrd – B
Eddie Guardado
Andruw Jones
Ivan Rodriguez – B
Omar Vizquel

Max Potential Picks Added: 2

The only 2 the Rangers have said they want back is Byrd and Rodriguez. Byrd has emerged as a decent player; good speed and defense with decent power – still lower than what the Phillies were expecting years ago. Rodriguez would be a mentor and back up to Jarrod Saltalamacchia and/or Taylor Teagarden, something which Pudge is open to. I could see Vizquel coming back in the same capacity as this season; to continue to work with Elvis Andrus and other young infielders. Blalock and Jones have already been notified they won’t be back, and I expect Benoit and Guardado to join them.

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