The Reality Dish w/Murtz Jaffer Premiere Edition: Survivor, Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen and More!


Even though Primetime Pulse and Reality Dish have recently merged to form Inside Pulse TV, the true Reality Dish has just begun!

Every week, the world’s foremost reality television expert and host of Reality Obsessed Murtz Jaffer and I will talk about some of the hottest and juiciest reality shows on the air today.

In the debut edition, we talk in depth about this week’s Hell’s Kitchen, Survivor and Amazing Race with insight from Murtz that you will simply not find anywhere else in the world – online, tv or in print.

Find out who Murtz thinks will win and be evicted on TV’s hottest reality programming, exclusively on Inside Pulse TV.

You can download the MP3 or listen through our streaming audio player below. Let us know what you think!

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