Ultimate Fighter 10: Episode 4 Recap

It strikes me as funny during the intro that they show Roy Nelson as the lyrcis “bare witness to the fitness of the modern warrior” are being sung.

This episode begins with fighter reactions to Kimbo/Big Country. Most guys in the house seem to be impressed with Kimbo’s performance. Rampage, however, hates his cockiness.

Kimbo says it is only the beginning for him and he’s remaining optimistic that he will fight again. It’s a competition and someone will likely get hurt. Cut to Marcus Jones hunched over in the hallway.

Marcus is fatigued and light-headed for no reason. He’s sweating profusely, again for no reason. He cools down and everything seems to be okay. That was a big tease.

Training Session

Rashad doesn’t want to change his fighters, just make minor improvements. He says Matt Mitrione is athletic and explosive but very inexperienced. He thinks Justin is one of his best guys. Brendan is peaking right now. He still thinks his team can sweep the first round of fights.

Rashad discusses strategy with his fighters and lays out the remaining fights to his remaining fighters. Justin Wren doesn’t want to fight Scott Junk because they are BFFs. Rashad respects that. He understands as he won’t face his friend, Keith Jardine.

Rampage says he needs a win like a fish needs water. He says Marcus doesn’t know his own strength. He seems to be roughing up a lot of guys in practice. Demico is impressing his coaches on Team Rampage.

Justin comes home and Scott asks him about fighting each other. Apparently Matt spilled the beans about the fight picks. It takes away the element of surprise. Wasn’t a good move and I doubt the coaches will react favorably. James suspects Matt may have done it on purpose so the coaches will be forced to change the fights and he won’t have to fight Marcus Jones.

Matt apologizes to the coaches and they are surprised, but don’t make a big deal about it. Rashad suspects the same thing James thought. Brendan seems to be next in line to fight. The coaches discuss the merits of changing the fight picks or leaving them as they were laid out.

Fight Selection

Brendan will fight Demico. Rashad thinks they are even athletically but Brendan will take over in skill. Rampage is happy with the pick. It’s a pick he would have made himself. That’s probably not a good sign for Demico.

Training Session

Brendan says his jab is his best weapon. He trains with Rashad at home with Greg Jackson. He works on fighting from guard and keeping his opponent on his back. Brendan feels like he is better than Demico in every facet of the fight game. His strategy is to keep the fight standing.

Team Rampage thinks Brendan will try to keep the fight on the feet. Demico thinks he’s a better wrestler and ju-jitsu practitioner. Demico wants to take Brendan down and ground-and-pound the victory.

Fight Day

Brendan is intense during his pre-fight warmup. He also has coaches. Rampage and his coaches are delayed in getting there due to the munchies. It’s a sad scene really. Brendan is getting coached up and hyped up by his teammates. Demico is sitting on the couch wondering where his coaches are.

Brendan Schaub vs. Demico Rogers

Round 1

Demico with a leg kick. Demico shoots and Brendan grabs a guillotine. Gator roll as Demico tries to escape. Up to their feet. Jabs lead to an overhand miss by Brendan. Demico shoots and takes Brendan down. Brendan has full guard. He’s got Demico wrapped up and Demico is having trouble striking or advancing his position. Brendan pushes Demico away with his feet. Demico dives back into full guard. Demico with a left. Brendan is keeping Demico pretty still. Demico into side control and drops a couple of elbows. Brendan flips out and rolls over. Brendan on top. Demico tries to push Brendan away. Brendan in side control. Moves to north south and grabs an anaconda choke. He rolls him over and Demico has to tap. Rampage leaves cageside and also his fighter alone in the ring. Rashad comes into the ring to comfort Demico. Rampage is a shitty coach. Worse than Ken Shamrock.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by Anaconda Choke

Rampage calls a coaches meeting because he is tired of losing. He thinks they are asking too much of their fighters. Demico had good control of the fight but they asked him to give up good position and put himself in an unfamiliar spot.

Next Week

Matt gets hurt in training and some think he is playing it up. The fighters single out one guy to pick on. Looks like Roy. Rashad calls out Rampage for not supporting his fighters.

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