10 Thoughts on RAW – 10.05.09

After quite the hiatus, I have returned to present 10 Thoughts on RAW.

1. Ben Roethlisberger sounds a lot like Jamie Kennedy from Malibu’s Most Wanted. Ghetto boy from Pittsburgh. He seems like a pretty chill guy, and he got on my good side when he introduced the Diva Bowl. Kudos.

2. Oh. Em. Gee. There’s something about a girl in a sports jersey that adds about 2 points to their hotness total. 3 if it’s a hockey jersey. How about that Mickie James? Alicia, on the other hand, looks like a dude.

3. I’m pretty sure Cena branded the feuds with Edge AND Batista as epic, legendary and amazing.

4. I see a lot of people on the internet wondering how Orton and Cena are going to pull off the Ironman Match. Well, there’s no disqualification and no count-outs so the interference and the fact that the fight can go anywhere in the building will keep our attention. In addition to that, people will stay tuned no matter what just to see Cena lose so he can go to That Night Where I’m Always Doing Something So I Can DVR It and Never Watch It Night SmackDown!. Trust me, they’ll pull it off. Bank on it.

5. Bragging Rights is a cool idea and all, but rather than having another themed pay per view, why not apply the Raw vs. SmackDown! theme to Survivor Series to give it some much needed pizazz? I honestly haven’t cared for Survivor Series since WWF vs. The Alliance.

6. Hmm… a RAW vs. SmackDown! PPV is fast approaching. John Morrison is the Intercontinental Champion and The Miz was going up against Kofi for the strap, and Miz won. WHOA. What a shocker. Still AWESOME though.

7. Awww Chavo… nobodies ever been pinned by MVP’s Ballin Drop. Chavo needs to be let go, already.

8. ASK HIM!!!

9. I’m wicked surprised that JeriShow got as much offense on DX as they did. Call me crazy, but I expect JeriShow to go over DX at Bragging Rights (if that match ever materializes).


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