WWE Superstars recap for 10/08/09

While you were prepping for Jim and Pam’s walk down the aisle, WWE Superstars on WGN featured several interesting matches. Want to read about what you missed?

Ted Dibiase vs. Evan Bourne: This is Ted’s first appearance since Hell In A Cell and they show off his black eye and video of Cody getting stretchered out of the ring at the PPV. Dibiase is dedicating this match to his BFF and asks the crowd for a moment of silence as tribute that of course he does not receive. Ted is quickly in control as he stomps away on Evan in the corner before taking things to the middle of the ring for a couple of power moves. Bourne fights back with a series of kicks that sends Dibiase over the top rope. Evan quickly follows him out with a bodypress from the top rope and tries to quickly get his opponent back into the ring to continue his advantage. But Teddy bails outside to take a breather prompting Bourne to follow him with another aerial attack, But Dibiase is ready for him this time and catches his head scissors attempt and sends him into the ringside barricade and the viewing audience to a commercial break.

As we return to action Ted is control of Bourne with a side headlock. For a few minutes Ted continues to pound away on his opponent on the mat and is able to limit his comebacks to a few series of kicks. Finally Evan is able to hit a big kick from the second rope and follow it up with a flying head scissors. Bourne tries to get Dibiase in position for the shooting star but Ted won’t be moved in that direction even after taking a knee enziguri. Bourne tries to hit another big kick off the ropes but Dibiase has seen enough of those in this match and sidesteps it. Ted Jr. nails Dream Street and that’s enough for the pinfall victory.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Sheamus: Nine days ago on ECW, Sheamus attacked Shelton before his match with Burchill and that sets up this battle. The Gold Standard won that match but he seems to still be paying the price for the attack as he has his left shoulder heavily wrapped for this match. Sheamus immediately goes for the injury with a variety of moves including sending him into the ringpost. Eventually the wrapping gets torn off and the pale wonder continues to work on his opponents arm. Sheamus tries to get the submission but Benjamin is able to reach the ropes. Although he breaks that hold, he does not halt his attack and Sheamus is eventually disqualified by the ref for refusing to break on a count of five. Very short and completely one-sided but I’m sure that was the point.

Our Superstar feature of the week is for the team of William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov. Even though I rarely watch ECW, I do think that was a really good idea to form that trio. Then we get reminded of the wackiness of Raw is Roethlisberger and that the WWE was mentioned on Sports Center. To end this match free segment of the show, The Hart Dynasty joins Josh for a brief promo where they drop a lot of Hart Foundation references and remind us that they are better than Cryme Tyme.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty: Eve accompanies her friends to ringside and of course Natalya is with the HD. Kidd and JTG start things off in the ring and Tyson gets the first takedown and celebrates. JTG makes fun of his whiteness and follows up by controlling a reversal sequence. After an armdrag JTG tries to bring things to his corner as he tags in Shad but Tyson does not hang around to face the big fella and quickly makes a tag of his own. Shad sends DH into the corner but delays too long with his follow up and his big splash hits nothing but knee. A failed attempt at some tandem offense by Kidd and Smith lead to them both being sent outside the ring and unhappy. But as the Dynasty tries to regroup outside, Shad is having none of that and nails both men with a double clothesline off the ring apron. Smith and Kidd are down as Shad celebrates and we go to commercials.

We return to action with JTG laying in the punches on Kidd in the corner and finishing with a facebuster from the second turnbuckle. As JTG tries to follow up Kidd backs him into his team’s corner and makes the tag to Smith. David works him over in the corner and looks to perhaps hit a snake eyes on JTG but the move is reversed and JTG lands on his feet on the apron. But as the ref gets distracted Kidd dropkicks JTG off the apron and the Dynasty remains in control. Smith continues to try to overpower his foe for a bit but JTG is finally able to hit a reversal and make the tag to his partner. Gaspard comes in blazing with a series of clotheslines and strikes to take control on Kidd.

But it does not last for long as a well timed double team attack again has the Canadians in control. The Dynasty tries to set Shad up for the Hart Attack but as Tyson bounces off the ropes, JTG grabs his legs and drags him outside. Natalya is up on the apron and Smith tries to lock Shad in the Sharpshooter. But Shad fights him off and as David bounces off the ropes Eve grabs his leg which is enough of a distraction for Shad to hit the Thugnificent and get the pinfall victory for his team.

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