Smackdown Recap for 10/09/09

General Manager Theodore Long starts off our show with a promo about the WWE’s second pay-per-view offering this month, Bragging Rights. He says that should John Cena lose to Randy Orton and be banished from Raw, Smackdown would welcome him with open arms. I actually think that would be a really good idea for both shows. Former World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk joins us to discuss several things including Teddy’s focus, his match with Batista tonight, the dress code and his rematch with the Undertaker. Punk wants his guaranteed title rematch on his own terms that being in a submission match, with Scott Armstrong as ref, Teddy at ringside and for it to take place when he chooses. Feeling left out, Vince McMahon decides to join in on the fun and he announces that the Smackdown main event for the upcoming PPV will have the Undertaker defending the World title against Batista, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. He blames that match being signed on Teddy Long and announces our first match of the evening.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho: An exchange off the ropes won by Mysterio leads to Jericho getting sent out of the ring under the bottom rope and Rey follows him out with a flying body press. But once they re-enter the ring Jericho takes advantage to hit a delayed vertical suplex to take control of the match. Chris slides Rey outside of the ring under the bottom rope and he hits the ringside mats hard and we hit a commercial break.

As we return from break Jericho has control of Mysterio with a headlock done on the canvas. Jericho hangs Rey up on the top rope with a forward vertical suplex and then dumps him out of the ring again. Jericho tries to go for Mysterio’s mask and this gives Rey the break he needs for a comeback. After a series of maneuvers he has Chris set up for the 619, but it is well scouted and easily blocked. Rey reverses the Walls of Jericho for a long two count and Chris gets a long count of his own off a backbreaker. Rey tries for the 619 again but it only leads to another Walls of Jericho attempt which is successful but Rey is eventually able to fight out of. 619 is set-up for the third time and it connects, the dime gets dropped and Mysterio wins this match by pinfall.

JR and Todd remind us of the wackiness of Raw is Roethlisberger and that the WWE was mentioned on Sports Center.  Cryme Tyme’s “Word Up” this week is “EVE” for the lovely Eve Torres who helped them get a win last night on Superstars and is in action next against the Women’s Champion.

WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool vs. Eve Torres: This match is not for the title. McCool goes on the attack early trying to bully Eve but Torres is having none of that and battles back in similar fashion. Michelle weathers that storm and attacks again and sends Eve into the corner and hits a vicious knee and continues the punishment down on the mat in similar fashion with a few leg and knee drops. Eve makes a comeback hitting a clothesline and two nice dropkicks before landing her senton splash for a two count. Torres goes for the handspring splash in the corner but McCool has it well scouted and gets her knees up. The champ follows up by nailing Eve with a big boot and wins the match by pinfall.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero and her new boy-toy Eric Escobar are hanging out in Teddy Long’s office. When Teddy interrupts their little snuggle fest Vickie complains about his treatment of everyone she can think of including her, Eric, CM Punk and even the Undertaker. Escobar says something in Spanish and Vickie reminds Long that he is still on probation before they take their leave.

Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler: This is an immediate rematch of their very good title match at the recent pay-per-view. Ziggler takes the match to the mat early with a series of takedowns but instead of going a different direction Morrison follows with some of the same for his own offense. Morrison finally gets things going with a backbreaker, SRLS and the break-dancing legdrop for a two count. This draws Maria down to ringside to cheer on her man from ringside. The ref is not pleased by her arrival but lets her stay if she has a seat.

Her presence spirits him to a comeback and he is soon in control after a back suplex and a flurry of his usual offense. A nice power slam off the ropes leads to another two count and Ziggler follows by continuing his ground and pound offense. Eventually John grows tired of being beaten on and hits a flurry of offense off the ropes. Both men tumble outside over the top ropes neat Maria and Ziggler regains control before sending Morrison back in. Dolph then positions the chair she was sitting in for later use near the ring. After another exchange, Ziggler goes for the chair but Maria moved it to sit back down. Dolph is both distraught and distracted by these actions and it allows Morrison to hit his flying springboard kick and that’s enough for the pinfall. Afterwards John celebrates on the ramp and Maria checks on Ziggler in the ring.

After a video package highlighting the legacy and title reigns of the Undertaker and a commercial break we take a peek backstage at Maria and Dolph. Ziggler doesn’t voice is exact problem with what she did during his match but does dump her and leave her in tears. That bastard! In other couples news, big Dave and little Rey have a bonding moment in the locker room and promise to stay BFF’s no matter what goes down at Breaking Point.

Kane & Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy & R-Truth: After everyone finishes their Brock Lesnar impressions, Matt and Drew start the match but their exchange is brief and Truth is quickly tagging into the match. Not wanting to be left out, Kane makes the blind tag and nails R-Truth with a big boot and goes to work on him. McIntyre and Kane exchange a few tags while controlling Truth but most of them are not offered tags. Truth is able to dodge and attack and after Kane hits the corner hard, Hardy get the hot tag as Drew tags himself back into the match as well. Matt enters with a flurry of offense but the Twist of Fate is reversed into a right hand by Kane. This allows Drew to hit his double-armed DDT and get the pinfall for his team.

After a commercial break the Undertaker joins the show for a promo, but I’m not all that interested because A-Rod just hit a 2 run homer to tie the game in the 9th for the Yankees. Taker calls the World Championship the “Holy Grail” for anyone that ever steps into a wrestling ring. He says “wayward souls” several times and promises to steal the souls of all three of his opponents at Bragging Rights. Something I did like about this promo was that they left the lights off and kept the smoke going from his entrance to keep that same feel going.

CM Punk vs. Batista: Just as he did in his previous appearance on the show Punk’s body language shows he is still feeling the effects from HIAC last Sunday. Batista tries to be the aggressor in the early going but Punk bails to the ropes or outside to avoid the conflict. Dave is able to toss him into the corner and land a big clothesline and Punk bails to the outside once again. Once back in the ring, Batista again attacks in the corner but Punk hangs him on the top rope to give him some space. The former champ tries to follow with a springboard attack but Dave kicks him in the gut and looks for the Batista Bomb. Punk has no interest in that ride and slides out of his grasp and out of the ring again which sends us to a commercial break.

When we return to action, Punk is faring no better in this contest as he eats a shoulder block and Batista again tries to send him back into a corner for a beating. After escaping an ankle lock attempt from Dave, Punk is able to gain the advantage with a leg drop after a chase around the ring. CMP tries to ground the big man and continues to try to work the head and neck of his larger opponent. But Batista makes the comeback by returning the action to the corner and gets a two count after a body slam. Punk hits the high knee in the corner to daze the big man but when he tries to go for it a second time it get turned into a spinebuster. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Punk slides out of it and flees the ring. Rey’s BFF follows him out and tries to nail his finisher at ringside as the ref begins his count. But Punk latches onto the ring ropes and pulls himself away and back into the ring while kicking Batista away. As Punk climbs back in the ring the ref’s count reaches 10 and Punk wins this match by count-out. After the match, Dave decides to be a bad sport and attacks the winner by finally nailing him with a Batista Bomb to end the show.

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