10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 10/08/09

10. Know what, I was much more excited to think about the possibilities for the Monsters Ball match at Bound For Glory BEFORE Foley announced the “extra” piece of the match. We’ll probably just see Dr. Stevie or Daffney interfere, Abyss will get destroyed, and we probably won’t see an actual Monsters Ball match at all.

9. Guess what folks. In the real world, if the Mafia put a hit out on your head, you can totally turn it all around and save yourself by offering the money-hungry Mafia member some extra money. Because this will call all the members off. TNA provides a valuable lesson in saving your own backside.

8. Nash is only getting slower, and older, and more boring as time passes. And given that he just “stole” $50,000, and scored $60,000 from EY, he is being paid to be an uninteresting money-hungry a$$hole right?

7. It would have been nice to see Amazing Red win the title off his own back, but heck, if TNA are putting the belt on him to give him a push, I don’t care how he won it.

6. It’d be great if TNA had made the effort to have subtitles on the screen whenever a wrestler speaks in a language other than english. Because the rise in other language promos is making me wish I understood a useful second language.

5. As per usual in wrestling, another contract signing = another out of control brawl. Just imagine if in reality everyone beat on each other when they were signing contracts, there would be people in the business world being beaten up multiple times a day. (it’s a relatively funny mental image).

4. I wonder if the tag match at Bound For Glory is just a glorified excuse to put one set of tag belts on the MEM guys and one set on the World Elite guys. And if Team 3D and Beer Money are just pawns in the game of promoting the heel groups fighting for internal power.

3. Now, showing us more of the Alyssa Flash / Hamada feud would be awesome. Both of them have something special if you ask me.

2. Please TNA, please put the MCMG guys back in the ring again. The new music sounds cool, but it’s starting to feel like they’re exclusively a comedy act in the show. And unlike the WWE version of this (ie – Santino), these guys can actually wrestle.

1. So far, the hype for Bound For Glory is working if you ask me. The matches sound viable, the combinations could be quite entertaining, and I’d love to know if I’m the only one thinking this so far. As long as they stay strong in the last Impact before the PPV, I’ll buy this one. Anyone else considering it?

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