WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 10/11/09

Vintage Collection this week is featuring more Halloween matches. With a look at superheros in wrestling.

Our first match is coming from WCW Thunder, Feb 12th, 1998. And its between Bill Goldberg & Glacier. Glacier starts off strong, literally the second Goldberg steps into the ring. Goldberg hits a backflip, and manages to hit a spinning neckbreaker to knock Glacier off his feet. Glacier tries to unload with punches and kicks. And a spear knocks him down again. Goldberg takes him up, and hits a jackhammer for the three count. Your winner, Bill Goldberg.

We start off our next match here with a promo from Bret Hart who is talking about having no fans in America and how his upcoming match is between him and a popular American wrestler. The Patriot cuts a promo here about how he is going to beat Bret, nothing we haven’t heard before. This match is taking place at Ground Zero on Sept 7th, 1997. We start already in, looks like Hart is already ontop of this match as he works on the leg of the Patriot, using all sorts of moves. Patriot manages to get up here, but is taken right back down again. Hart locks in an ankle lock  and pulls him over to the edge of the ring to lock in a figure four leglock around the ring posts. Hart is forced to break it apart at a 4 count, and uses the ring post as a weapon. Hart is still battling, and we’re shown that the British Bulldog has come down to ringside. Hart gets a two count here. Patriot is finally able to get Hart down here, and manages a sunset flip to a two count, and a DDT. Patriot keeps up his offense here, and when Hart tries to get up onto the ropes, he manages to counter and hit a clothesline to knock Hart down. Bulldog grabs the leg of the Patriot causing him to fall, and as he is distracted Hart gets a two count. Patriot pushes Hart to knock Bulldog off to the apron. Patriot hits a slam, and goes for the three count but Bulldog pulls Hart under the ropes. Bulldog & Patriot square off outside the ring, and Vader comes along too to help beat up both Hart & Bulldog. We go to an ad break here in the midst of chaos.

Continuing here, Patriot is in control and hits what looks like a flying headbutt to a two count. Patriot hits another side suplex to a two count, and both men get to their feet. Hart manages to drop Patriot neck first into the ropes. Hart takes over here, dropping an elbow from the second rope to a two count. and tries to dominate with punches in the corner, but Patriot reverses it and takes his own punches out. The ref is knocked down here by an elbow from Patriot. And he hits another slam, looks like a three count, but Hart puts his foot on the ropes. Both men get up, and both men go down when they run into each other. We get to a 7 count. And we see them roll each other up and around the ring trying for a three count. Again, both men get up, and Patriot manages to send Hart face first into the ring posts. Patriot locks in a sharpshooter, but of course Hart knows how to reverse it and lock in the sharpshooter on the Patriot. Patriot doesn’t actually tap here, but it looks like the ref decided to end it on his behalf calling for the bell. Winner & still champion, Bret Hart.

Now we’re seeing the Rock talking to someone out of shot. And we’re shown a green haired Hurricane who tries to smack talk to Rock. But, Rock manages to out-talk him here of course. Lots of fun beeped swearing in this one. And when Rock offers his hand to shake, of course he punches Hurricane out.

This match is from March 10th, 2003. Rock starts off by slapping Hurricane a few times, and Hurricane starts to fight back with punches. Rock drops off the apron and out of the ring here holding his face. Hurricane goes running after him and throws him back into the ring. But Rock gets back in control with a Samoan drop. He then takes the Hurricane’s cape, puts it on and parades around the ring wearing it. Hurricane tries to come back, but it doesn’t seem to be helping him here. Rock continues to mock Hurricane while wearing the cape. Rock pulls the cape off, and hits a suplex to a two count. Rock pushes the neck of Hurricane down into the ropes, and then continues the beat down in the corner. Hurricane tries again, but is knocked down by a clothesline. and Rock locks in a reverse chinlock. Hurricane finally comes back to life here, and hits a swinging neckbreaker which leaves both men on the ground. As we go to an ad break.

Both men are back on their feet as we come back in, they exchange blows in the middle of the ring. And Hurricane takes to some flying moves to try and get in control, hitting a massive flying crossbody off the top rope to a two count. Hurricane goes up to the top ropes again, hits a another swinging neckbreaker to a two count. But Rock comes back here, hitting a DDT to knock Hurricane down again. Hurricane keeps trying, and keeps grabbing at Rock’s neck, eventually hitting a chokeslam. But it only leads to a two count. Rock gets the momentum going on his end, hitting a spinebuster, and then sets it up for the People’s Elbow. but as he goes to hit it, Stone Cold’s music hits, Rock looks terrified, and Stone Cold stands ringside as Hurricane rolls Rock up and gets the three count. Your winner here, Hurricane.

Of course, WWE like to tell everyone that Hulk Hogan is a superhero. So of course, the main event match is featuring Hulk Hogan and One Man Gang on Dec 5th, 1987. The two men look to be trying to lock up, but each time, one of them pulls away. Finally they lock up, but it lasts literally seconds before they’re apart again and mocking each other. Hogan finally locks in a side headlock and as they start to move, they both hit shoulder blocks, and Hogan is the first one down. Hogan comes back, hits a knee, and as he goes to lift gang, he reverses the motion and comes down on top of Hogan. One Man Gang manages to send Hogan outside the ring and beats on him out there. And we go to an ad break.

Coming back in, One Man Gang has a bear hug locked in, and Hogan uses some elbows to the head to break the hold. One Man Gang takes control again, hitting a splash, and then into some punches to the head. Hogan finally comes back, hitting punches, and then throws him back and forth into the corners. Hogan picks him up and bodyslams him down, hits the leg drop, and into the three count for the win. Hogan then lays into One Man Gang’s manager Slick in the ring. Your winner & still WWE champion, Hulk Hogan.

Gene Okerlund takes the opportunity to talk up Hogan here. But I’m more interested in what next week will hold. It’s going to be monsters and oddities. should be fun!

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