One Tree Hill – Episode 7-4 Review

And the scandal goes public….

That’s right. Renee, the money-grubbing liar (or at least we are hoping she is) sells her story to the “National Informer” and Jamie finds it in the checkout line at the grocery store. Then he gets teased at the park by kids who are reading the story. Nathan and Haley try to deal. I think it’s great that Nathan doesn’t care so much about his reputation as he does having to explain the rumors to his son. I love his and Jamie’s scenes. Such a good dad…and a hot one!

Brooke holds a fashion show at TRIC for her new line. While it’s kind of hard to believe all these big industry names would go to a fashion show in small town Tree Hill, it’s nice to see Alex and Millie’s friendship develop. Some bitchy model is rude to Millie and Alex steps in and suggests Millie model in her place. She turns out being the hit of the show in a shirt that Brooke hastily made saying, “Zero is not a size.” Woo!

It’s the first episode this season where I finally saw some of the old Brooke and Julian chemistry I miss from last season. Their little banter is cute and I hope it lasts. I also hope they have more scenes. This episode was lacking in that. He did however get a scene with Victoria who seems to be interested in meeting his dad. That’s kind of creepy.

Also, Alex had given Julian a script to read. Unknowing it was hers, he bashed it a bit. But, he did say the story had potential and he offers his help. Alex gladly accepts. This could be trouble…in fact, I know it will be.

Mouth is getting pressure from his boss to run with Nathan’s scandal as a story, but he refuses. And as a journalist myself, it’s quite obvious that a television station would never use a tabloid as a source of fact. At the same time, the ratings push for these stories and while the validity of the story is still up in the air, the story itself is a story. But, Mouth refuses to tell it.

Quinn is still avoiding her husband David and Haley is pushing her to talk to him. I don’t blame her. It’s her husband and she at least owes him the truth even if she doesn’t love him anymore, as Haley tells her. So she confronts David and tells him she wants a divorce. But, he’s not willing to let her go so easily and ends up getting in a fight with Clay as he comes to Quinn’s defense. I am so team Quinn/Clay. Quay? Clinn? But, I am hoping they don’t just sleep together as it is implied at the end of the episode when she asks to go back to Clay’s place. My guess is that the usual ladie’s man Clay didn’t go through with it.

Haley is forced to do an interview by the label and the nasty reporter (of course) asks her about the scandal. Miranda steps in and uses her former bitchiness to tell off the reporter. This redeemed her character a bit. Nathan also gets asked about the scandal at the fashion show and he diverts the question and praises Brooke instead. Old Nathan would have told that reporter off. What can I say, I love both Nathans.

Anyway, for the upcoming episode I am hoping for some more Clay/Quinn scenes, definitely more Brooke/Julian scenes and I’m hoping that the scandal gets resolved already. We know that’s going to drag on for a few more episodes though…Stay tuned!

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.


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