Psych Episode 4-8 Review

With Halloween fast-approaching what a perfect time for a werewolf themed Psych episode. The concept of a guy who thinks he’s a werewolf is not at all original, in fact just during the summer I watched a Mental episode with one and I’m sure Psych will not be the last time I see this used. Anyways that does not matter, what does is what they do with that concept. I think Psych did a good job making this concept their own.

Flashback: 1989. Shawn and Gus have wandered away from their boyscout group and are lost in the woods. They start hearing noises believe it is a werewolf. Henry finds them and starts lecturing them that their mind can make them believe anything when fear is involved. Then he hears the noise too and all three of them go running out of the woods.

Present: Shawn and Gus are in the Psych office preparing to watch a wrestling match. A man named Stuart Gimbley enters telling Shawn and Gus that he believes that he is a werewolf and wants them to chain him up so he does not kill again. He thinks that he’s the one who killed a lamb. After Stuart offers to pay them three times their normal rate they agree and tape him to a chair.

Shawn and Gus fall asleep while watching tv. When they wake up, Stuart is gone and their window is broken. Shawn spots a tuft of hair amid the broken glass.

A pair of hunters are in the woods about to shoot a deer. Before they can take their shot one of them is attacked from behind.  The other hunter nervously looks around but it is too dark for him to see anything before he is also attacked and killed by what looks like a wolf.

Shawn and Gus go down to the station and confront Lassiter about Stuart. Lassiter laughs at them because he has better things to deal with than a crazy man who thinks he’s a werewolf. He gives them Stuart’s business card and tells them to look for their lost pet there. Before they go to Ocultipus, Shawn asks Jules to have a test done of the hair they found.

At Ocultipus they meet Stuart’s sister Willow. She says that sh suspected Stuart to be a werewolf after he was bitten a few weeks ago. Shawn asks Willow where Stuart might be but then spots a picture of Stuart with a group of people at a bar. Shawn recognizes the bar as Shangri-lalas and Willow says that they were there celebrating Stuart’s birthday with others in his therapy group. Gus gives Willow his number and leaves with Shawn.

As they are getting into their car Shawn’s phone rings. It’s Henry asking for Shawn to bring him some supplies. Henry is competing to win a truck against a former nemesis of his. The winner of the contest is the person who can keep their hand on the truck the longest.

Stuart wakes up in the middle of the woods naked and next to the bodies of the two hunters.

Jules gives Lassiter a copy of the new newspaper. The headline story is of the two dead hunters killed of a possible animal attack. Lassiter immediately suspects Stuart.

Shawn is looking through Stuart’s bag that he left at their office. He finds some pills used to treat Schizophrenia. Shawn decides that they should pay a visit to Stuart’s doctor Ken Tucker.

Dr. Tucker’s secretary Myrtle refuses to let Shawn and Gus see him. Luckily, Myrtle is called away and Shawn has time to take a few pictures of her computer’s data. Myrtle comes out with one of Dr. Tucker’s patients who says she will not be back again.

As the young patient gets on the bus Shawn wonders why she looks familiar to him. He doesn’t wonder about it for though because he sees Jules and Lassie on their way into the doctor’s office. Shawn tells Lassie good luck getting past the secretary. Lassiter comments that Shawn just did not have the right tool and pulls out his badge.

Now that he thinks Stuart has killed a human, Gus suggests to Shawn that they should just let the police handle the rest. Shawn refuses and then remembers where he saw that young women before, in Stuart’s birthday photo she was the waitress. Shawn finds her name in one of his pictures and decides their next stop is Shangri-lalas.

Lassiter and Jules go up to the secretary who mocks them by calling them Dorothy and a Scarecrow and asks them where’s the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. Ticked off Lassie pulls out his badge calling it the Tin Man and his gun Toto. The secretary now obliges their request to see the doctor.

Dr. Tucker tells them that Stuart has a very active imagination but dodges answering if he believes Stuart is capable of the murders. The doctor then states that a few weeks ago Stuart seemed to be taking a turn for the worse and may be starting to confuse fantasy from reality.

Shawn and Gus talk to Polexia at Shangri-lalas. She openly talks about Stuart but gets defensive when they mention Dr. Tucker. She says that she does not think that she will be seeing Dr. Tucker anymore, and shes not sure that anyone will.

As they enter Psych, Shawn spots footprints on the ground. They each grab an item to use as a weapon before continuing. They proceed slowly towards the closet. They open the door and find Stuart naked apart from a few well placed balloons. He says help me and lifts up his hand revealing a pentagram symbol branded onto it.

Stuart sits on their chair talking about how he woke up this morning. As he talks some of his balloons start popping. Gus says that before the rest of their discussion proceeds they should fix Stuart’s wardrobe issue and tells him he can wear the Halloween costume he has in their storage. While he’s out of the room Gus says that they should make a citizens arrest and call the cops. Shawn says that something still does not feel right to him. Shawn asks Stuart if there is anything that he has not told them and learn that Polexia has been having one on one sessions with Dr. Tucker for a while. With this new information Shawn decides to leave Stuart with Willow because he believes that someone is using Stewart’s vulnerability for their own plans.

After dropping Stuart off at Ocultipus, Shawn says that he has to pay a visit to his father before continuing with their case. Shawn’s phone rings. It’s Juliet telling him that the fur is wolf’s hair. Gus asks who was on the phone and Shawn says it was a wrong number so that he does not freak out.

Henry is still holding onto the truck. There are still ten contestants left. Henry’s rival Salinski makes a few comments and they argue about their children. Shawn tells Henry a few things about the other contestant’s weak spots to give him an advantage before leaving.

Shawn and Gus wait til Dr. Tucker leaves before sneaking into his office. They look in this files but Polexia’s is gone. They find Stuart’s which says that his condition is worsening, he has homicidal thoughts and that he is going to have to be put into a full psychiatric facility. Shawn asks Gus if the pills in Staurt’s bottle look correct. Gus says no they look like horse tranquilizers. Shawn is finally figuring out what is happening and they need to make sure Stuart is still safe at Ocultipus.

They arrive at Ocultipus with Lassiter and Jules. They are too late, Willow says that Dr. Tucker arrived and Stuart went with him. Shawn has figured out that Polexia is Dr. Tucker’s next victim and tells Lassie and Jules her address.

Shawn, Gus, and Willow check Shangri-lalas while Lassiter and Jules check her apartment. She is at neither which means she is on her way home.

Polexia is walking through the woods on her way home. She starts to hear a noise and get nervous. Dr. Tucker emerges from the dark and talks to her. She refuses to keep their relationship private. Before he can inject her with his needle to kill her Jules arrives and arrests him. Gus goes to look for Stuart and finds him in a wheel barrel with a wolf hide. Shawn wears the wolf while revealing Dr. Tucker’s evil plot to murder Polexia and frame Stuart.

It’s the morning and Henry and Salinski are still hanging on to the truck. Salinski tells Henry that the truck is not for him but for an orphanage. Henry does not believe him until he looks over and sees a group of children with a nun. Henry surrenders and takes his hand off the truck.