Smallville – Episode 9-3 Review

When I read the preview for this episode – that Zod turns people into Zombies – and realized it was airing in such close proximity to Halloween, I began having nightmares about Lana’s vampire experience, which is incidentally perhaps he only episode in the show’s history in which the writers even acknowledge is terrible. But I have to say, I thought this continued the season’s hot streak, and all of the aspects that I complimented last week were apparent in this episode as well.

While Clark and Chloe are back to being best friends, and there wasn’t an apparent jealousy over his budding relationship with Lois, I still got the sense that she feels like she’s being replaced and will ultimately be unnecessary to the team. Except this week, it seemed like Dr. Emil was the one shoving her out of the way (purposely or not). The first couple of episodes this season have shown that Lois is arguably taking over as Clark’s confidante, and the person he relies on for emotional support. Now it appears that Clark is turning to Emil, and not necessarily Chloe, for his scientific needs.

And what makes this particular “competition” interesting is that they can actually create some tension between them, which is limited with Chloe and Lois. And we’ve seen some of that already, with Emil calling out Chloe for watching over the Justice League. While I tend to agree with Chloe’s justification, it is nice to see SOMEBODY still standing in Oliver’s corner (not because I relate to Oliver, but because it adds some potential conflict).

Honestly, I’m not really sure where this is all leading – and perhaps I’m seeing something that’s not even there – but I hope they don’t decide to kill of Chloe. To me, the natural progression of Chloe’s story is for her to come to the realization that she’s essentially given up her life to help Clark become a legitimate Super Hero, and because of his growth, he now doesn’t need her anymore. From there, have her amicably decide to leave so that she can live a normal life.

On the topic of Oliver – while I do enjoy his current story arc, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. He’s already murdered Lex, wanted to murder Davis, became a drunk, turned his back on his heroic ways, and failed to protect Lois. At what point has he gone too far? Assuming that there’s only going to be another season or MAYBE two, will they be able to complete his transformation back to hero?

Part of me was disappointed with the revelation that Oliver is still in love with Lois, mostly because I thought their heart to heart talk last season at Chloe and Jimmy’s wedding was so wonderful. But this discovery did lead to two great moments: the tense interaction between Clark and Oliver at the Daily Planet, and the closing scene in which Clark comes across the photo of Lana in his wallet (which was a nice allusion to the fact that Oliver still carries of a photo of Lois in his). But instead of getting all weepy and nostalgic, Clark simply smiled happily – as if recalling tender moments from a past life – and delicately placed the photo in an album of old memories. This was probably the only Clark/Lana moment I’ve liked for the past several years. But, to me, it was a nice, understated way of showing that Clark has moved on. A fitting conclusion to that romance, in my opinion. Let’s not tinker with it anymore, though.

Still loving the whole Clark/Lois thing. I actually wondered if they were going to kiss after he saved her. Oh, and I also enjoy the whole Batman Forever thing, where Lois is simultaneously falling in love with the hero and his alter ego.

I haven’t really commented on the whole Zod thing yet, mostly because their story has been entirely set up so far. But what I suspect will happen is that we’ll learn that a young Jor-El – who will be about the same age as Clark – also came to earth (hence the El family crest), and I’m hoping that HE will be the person that will finally teach Clark to fly. Although, if Jor-El is powerless, it would be kinda funny if Clark is training his father from the past, all while getting trained by the dead version of the very person he’s training.

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