2010 MLB Free Agent Class: Part 6

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at the 2010 free agent class by team. I’ll list all of the free agents along with their Free Agent Status (A/B).

Part 6…
NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks
Doug Davis – B
Scott Schoeneweis
Chad Tracy (Option)
Brandon Webb – B (Option)

Max Potential Picks Added: 2

Arizona has hinted that they’d go 2 ways with Webb: Pick up the option or decline is and attempt to sign him at a lower salary. It’s a gamble to decline the option, but they can always offer him arbitration and receive a pick if talks stall. Davis will probably be offered arbitration, but he’ll test the market; he’s said he’d like to return to Milwaukee. Tracy’s option will be declined, as they have better options at the corner infield spots. Schoeneweis will be replaced by a cheaper option, although he could stay if he takes a pay cut.

Colorado Rockies
Joe Beimel – B
Rafael Betancourt – A (Option)
Jose Contreras
Alan Embree (Option)
Josh Fogg
Matt Herges
Jason Marquis – B
Juan Rincon
Yorvit Torrealba – B (Option)

Max Potential Picks Added: 5

Betancourt has been pretty good since the trade that brought him to the Rockies, so I’d expect that they’ll pick up his option. Torrealba’s option may be picked up too, as the Rockies haven’t shown complete faith in Chris Iannetta yet. Marquis and Beimel will both test the market, but I wouldn’t be shocked it either is offered arbitration just to get additional picks. The other players are just bullpen arms that are easily replacable; if they take the right deal, they could be back, but none are really worth a roster spot at this point.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Brad Ausmus
Ron Belliard – B
Juan Castro
Jon Garland – B (Option)
Orlando Hudson – A
Mark Loretta
Doug Mientkiewicz
Guillermo Mota – B
Will Ohman – B (Option)
Vicente Padilla – B (Option)
Manny Ramirez – A (Option)
Jason Schmidt
Jim Thome
Jeff Weaver
Randy Wolf – A

Max Potential Picks Added: 11

Manny’s option will definitely be picked up; he’s too good to pass up, even at his current age. I expect the Hudson and Wolf will be offered arbitration, but only Wolf will be considered to be re-signed. Of the type B options, only Ohman seems like he could have his picked up. I expect that Garland and Padilla will be able to walk without an arbitration offer. Belliard could be brought back if he takes a pay cut, but I expect he’ll be somewhere else next spring. The Dodgers will probably offer him arbitration though. Mota is most likely gone, without an arbitration offer. Ausmus, Castro, Loretta, Mientkiewicz, and Thome will deplete the bench, but there will be equal, if not better parts available. Schmidt is definitely done. Weaver may get another shot with the Dodgers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they let him walk either.

San Diego Padres
Henry Blanco
Cliff Floyd
Brian Giles – B

Max Potential Picks Added: 1

Giles will be offered arbitration, but I expect him to decline it and try to sign on with a contender. Blanco is expendable and Floyd has already been released.

San Francisco Giants
Rich Aurilia
Bobby Howry – B
Randy Johnson – B
Bengie Molina – A
Freddy Sanchez – B (Option)
Juan Uribe
Randy Winn – B

Max Potential Picks Added: 6

Molina wants to return to the Giants, but he may not be needed with Buster Posey ready. I could see arbitration being offered, since they’d want him at most for 1 year to help groom Posey. Molina has stated he wants a multi-year contract. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I expect Sanchez’s option to be picked up, since they gave up a good prospect to get him; I also wouldn’t be surprised if he get’s an extension that reduces his base pay for next season, but give him the ability to stay with the Giants for a couple more years. While Winn is a some-what useful player, his days in SF will be over. They won’t offer him arbitration and he’ll sign elsewhere. Johnson will also be given his walking papers, since he’s injury prone. I think he’ll get an arbitation offer but he’ll decline it. Howry is expendable and will not have an arbitration offer, as the Giants don’t want him to take it. Aurilia’s career is over. Uribe could be brought back at the right price; I don’t expect a huge market for him and he’d like to return to the team.

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