Desperate Housewives Episode 6-3 Review


Hola, sweet and desperate sinners and welcome to the review of the third episode of season 6. This episode was really fast paced so we have a lot of stuff to talk about.

Spoiler-free zone:
Just like the previous episode, this one went by really fast. I know how repetitive it sounds saying that every episode is exiting but for some reason the more I see of season 6 the more I want to see what happens next. This episode doesn’t focus on a particular storyline (like the last episode focused in the mystery) but it moves all the storylines ahead in true desperate housewives fashion. Plus, someone from the original cast returns (and it seems not for just one episode).

Spoiler zone:

The episode begins by talking about housewives and coffee. Two things that should go together I think.

Before, however, Mary Alice begins to talk about coffee, we see Gabriel in a restaurant having a hectic family-dinner (and with Juanita throwing food at her it certainly doesn’t help). Meanwhile, guess who turns up to be the owner of the restaurant and pays them a visit. Why, John Rowland of course (a.k.a. Gaby’s gardener who did the lawn and Gaby at the same time during season 1). Both Carlos and Gaby are surprised of how he manages to pop up every once in a while into their lives (remember he appeared on an episode during season 3 and on another one during season 4 where Carlos finally forgave him). However, while Carlos had forgiven him, he understandably isn’t all that delighted to see his face. As the storyline moves along, Carlos seems to be bugged about Gaby trying to make herself look better, while John was present. Things get more complex, when John asks from Carlos to have Ana work at his restaurant. Carlos tests Gaby by seeing her reaction to that job offer (meaning that if Gaby was annoyed, then she would still have some feelings for John). Gaby was indeed annoyed (but wouldn’t you be in her place?). I mean, some things are just awkward without implying something deeper. The storyline reaches its conclusion when Gaby finally tells Carlos that during his blindness and poverty she still was on by side and judgments like that are unfair. Even though Gaby was right, something is definitely still going on in that little head of hers, since in the end she secretly looks at some old photos of her and John which she had kept hidden. Was that wrong Gaby waking up or was it her just wanting to remember the old days (like all of us do once in a while). I guess we will have to find out, unless it is left open.

Furthermore, Susan’s storyline didn’t have anything to do with Katherine this week. She was far too busy dealing with the Bolen family and the son who was considered a suspect of Julies attack. Susan is convinced that Danny was the one who attempted to kill Julie (since he lied about his alibi) and tries to inform the whole neighborhood to keep an eye on him since he was released from the police station. In fact, she is so convinced that she has reached a level of obsession. We get a taste of her obsession when she shouts at Bob (the gay lawyer) for representing Danny and thus being responsible for his release.  Her obsessive behaviour continues when she (with a little help from Lynette) stalks the family while hiding in her car. But the real obsession begins after that.  While Danny is under a car, repairing it, Susan starts lowering the car (by using that thingy that is used to lift the car for someone to repair it… Please understand what I am saying cause I don’t know what that device is called!). Mother Angie threatens Susan with a baseball bat and obsessive Susan leaves. In all fairness, her daughter is in a comma but still, wow! Poor Susan however, later finds out that Danny was indeed absent, during Julie’s attack, since security cameras showed him being outside and drinking. In the end of the episode, Susan is seen helping Angie, as an act of forgiveness, by collecting trash that was thrown on her lawn by angry neighbors.

Moreover, we learn more about Angie Bolen (if that’s her real name) and her family. It seems that Bolen is definitely not her last name but it is left open weather the families first names are correct. Like, most mysteries it seems like they moved in Wisteria Lane to escape from their past.

Moving on to Lynette’s story, she finally tells her children about her pregnancy, who, in my opinion, responded the right way. Porter said that they are irresponsible; Parker said that it is gross they are still doing it, and little Penny just prayed that the babies weren’t boys. Furthermore, Lynette finds herself in a tricky situation when Carlos (who is her boss in case you have forgotten) offers her a raise. While she accepts, she knows that telling him about her pregnancy will be a problem so she, like most people, decided to find a way to deal with that later. This has as a result, some fun comedic moments from Tom when he (in a business dinner) ends up drinking Lynette’s glasses of wine, that she is forced to drink, by another business client. And yes, Tom gets wasted…

Finally, Bree still tries to keep her affair with Karl a secret; however, we are lead to believe that Bree is beginning to see Karl as more than just her fun-time buddy, but like us, Bree isn’t sure yet.  When Bree purposely injures Karl’s date (on an event that they ran into each other) Bree obviously shows us that even though she might not love Karl, she definitely wants his attention. Since Karl’s date was injured while dancing with Orson, poor Orson thought that Bree actually wanted his attention. Orson becomes a sadder and sadder character as the days go by (I’ve never felt so sorry for him before).

To sum up, this is another great follow-up episode that moves all the storylines forward and manages to, once again, keep us interested and excited about the characters and their stories.

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