Heroes – Episode 4-5 Review

You gotta admire Peter….using the vulnerability of some girl who is confused about what’s happening to her in order to get a date.

That being said, I do love that the scenario that I’ve been waiting for has finally happened: Peter has a kick ass power, and accidentally loses it in favor of a significantly less impressive power. “Yeah, I had super speed and was able to save a lot of lives. Now I, um….see wavy colors in response to sounds?” That’ll sure come in handy!

Last week I discussed how disappointed I was that they rushed the return of Sylar. While I do think he was handled adequately enough, do we really need to see Sylar going through yet another identity crisis where he’s trying to be good, but ultimately can’t fight what he is? Honestly, Nathan’s memory and appearance forcibly taking over Sylar’s body, and Sylar’s subconscious taking over Matt’s mind is a far more interesting story, in my opinion. At least that’s something we haven’t seen yet. And, additionally, it’s a pretty fun commentary on the whole Nature vs. Nurture thing. Sylar is an undeniably bad person, but if his physical body and literal mind is taking over by somebody who is, for all intents and purposes, good and loved, will “Sylar” turn good as well? Likewise, can somebody like Matt – who has always tried to help others – turn bad after a little prodding from an evil man?

That’s far more interesting to me than watching Sylar’s internal struggle for the millionth time.

And, for that matter, does this mean we’re not going to see Nathan again?

So we finally got that long-hyped kiss between Claire and Gretchen. I’ll admit that they did a pretty effective job of setting up Gretchen as a wacko before turning it around and making her come across as pretty sympathetic. I’m not quite sure where they’re going to take it from here, though.

At times I’m not a fan of the whole “flashback so that we can explain how everything happened” when it appears to be pretty obvious, but I actually through the revelation that the invisible sorority girl was actually responsible for just about everything that has happened to Claire since coming to college was pretty neat.

And while I’m typically a proponent of taking your time and building up to something, I am beginning to hope that they reveal what exactly one of these heroes will be replacing at the carnival. When it comes to TV story arcs, I think I’m more patient than most people, but even I’m starting to get tired of the periodic (and increasingly repetitive) carnival scenes where we hear a lot of vague dialogue that doesn’t really provide a lot of substantial information.

This makes me a bit curious to find out how many people actually watch those carnival-centric webisodes, because these scenes really don’t make me want to see more of them.

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