A Modest Blog on Lacey Von Erich

Over on the Examiner, I posted 20 questions on WWE, the indies , and, naturally, TNA. With Bound for Glory this Sunday, I’ve decided to post an answer column to a different TNA question each day until this Sunday, right here at Pulse Wrestling so stay tuned. Today, we tackle TNA question 9.

9. Lacey Von Erich was apparently gorgeous and a terrible wrestler. What other second and third generation stars had the look but not the skill?

“Shawn Stasiak” – Kewf

Good pick. Stasiak looked like he was carved of stone… but moved like he was carved of stone. Of course, I never throught his father was especially great, either.

“David Sammartino was clearly not his daddy. And Greg Gange was notoriously bad. David Flair has his moments, but was clearly not ready for the exposure he got. Other them & LVE that I can’t really think of any.” – G

These second generation stars were definitely bad, but they lacked the look to one think they were more. They’re bad like Eric Young is now, except he’s without the famous father.

“Kelly Kiniski comes to mind. Manu, too, if by look you mean “looks like a bad ass.” I am wondering where you’re coming up with your evaluation of her work rate. Indies/developmental? All she needs to do at this point is back up the other two, and at most be a Freebird-esque alternate.” – Brad Curran

I really like the Kelly Kiniski and Manu picks. Both should have been far more than they are. Lacey’s work is based mostly on her botching the simplest of moves on her Impact debut. She may be more, and I surely hope she is, but her father and her uncles were quite good workers. Kevin Von Erich never got nearly the credit he deserved as an amazing babyface and anyone who only remembers Kerry as the one-footed Texas Tornado really should have seen how good he was against Ric Flair in WCCW. David certainly had the best look and was almost as good as Kevin in the ring- a sure big champion before his tragic death. Even unheralded Mike was an above average babyface who had good timing. Chris was bad, but he never wanted to be a wrestler, and, assuming Lacey actually did and didn’t succumb to family expectations, I’d expect more of her. I absolutely love the irony of her as a Freebird-esque alternative though being that the original Freebirds were her father and uncles’ major feud.

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