One Year in Memphis – October 11, 1986


Jerry Lawler won a battle royal

Jerry Lawler over Dirty Rhodes by DQ

Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Jarrett/Jerry Lawler over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto

Boy Tony over Tracy Smothers

Big Bubba won a tournament

Memphis Vice over William Thompson/David Haskins

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown informed us that today we’d be seeing Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto facing Randy and Robert Bryant. We’d also see Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka vs. the Memphis Vice, Jerry Lawler would battle Nikita Mulkovich, Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, and Larry Wright would compete in a six man match, Excitement, Inc. (Ric McCord and John Paul) would be here, and Big Bubba would debut. Russell and Brown also mentioned that Boy Tony would also be making his debut. Russell hinted that there was bad news about Paul Diamond and we were away to commercial.

We came back to Russell at the interview set, where he revealed that Paul Diamond had suffered a broken leg at the hands of Tojo Yamamoto, the Ninja, Sato, and Goto. Tojo informed Russell that they were happy about what they’d done. Russell told Tojo he wanted to see them show some respect for others and Tojo showed off his cast before readying his kendo stick. Tojo promised that the Jarretts, Marlins, and Tanakas would suffer for what they’d done to him. Tojo called Russell a dirty dog and Goto seized the mic. Goto backed Russell up as he berated him in Japanese. Finally Russell regained his microphone and again threatened Tojo with legal action. Tojo closed the interview by again promising that Jarrett, Tanaka, and Marlin would pay for his injury.

Sato and Goto headed to the ring to battle Randy and Robert Bryant. Goto started against Randy Bryant and took him down first with a head butt and then chops. Goto locked on a headlock and Randy back dropped him. Randy tried to tag in Robert as Goto hit a chop.

Robert tagged in and Goto chopped him down aw well. Goto took him down and dropped a knee for the two count. Sato tagged in and Bryant slammed the Japanese wrestler. Goto tried to get in but was intercepted as Sato regained control and slammed Robert down.

Goto tagged back in and chopped away. Goto hit another head butt and threw Robert into his own corner. Goto attacked Randy as he stepped through the ropes and brought Sato in. While Tojo distracted the ref, Sato came off the ropes and dropped a leg on Randy for the win at 2:10.

Russell then introduced a videotaped interview with Paul Diamond. Diamond recapped the injury and said that he would be in a cast for six weeks and then would face four more weeks of healing until he could return to the ring. Diamond promised that when he returned Sato, Goto, and Tojo would pay for what they’d done.

After a quick commercial we headed backstage to hear from Russell about the Wednesday night show in Evansville. Russell brought in Bass, Rhodes, and Wright. He announced that not only were the tag team titles on the line, but so was the $10,000 prize check from the previous week’s show. Rhodes protested the unfairness and promised to regain the money. Russell then advised that Rhodes and Bass had only won after they sneaked back into the ring after an elimination.

Sato, Goto, Tojo, and the Ninja then joined the interview where Russell pointed out that the odds would be even. Tojo called their opponents rejects who were trying to hide behind each other. Goto then grabbed the mic to add his two cents (or Yen, to be more precise).

We headed back to the studio to see Jarrett and Tanaka on their way out to face the Memphis Vice in a rematch from the week before. Jeff Jarrett started against Jerry Bryant. The two locked up and Bryant took Jarrett down for a quick one count. Another lockup saw Bryant take Jarrett down with an arm drag.

The third lockup saw Jarrett gain the advantage and arm drag Bryant down. Big Lou Winston tagged back in and locked in a wristlock on Jarrett that took Jarrett down (with the help of a hair pull). Jarrett reversed the hold and hit the shoulder with an elbow before taking Lou down while holding on to the armbar.

Lou dragged Jarrett back to the Vice’s corner and Sato, Goto, and the Ninja attacked while Tojo gloated on the outside. Sato grabbed a chair and hit Jarrett with it before setting it up as they had the week before. As Russell yelled for help, Eddie Marlin hit the ring to try and save his grandson. Goto grabbed the chair and attacked Marlin, then they pulled Marlin’s suit jacked and shirt off. Wrestlers ran in from the back to help but were too late as Sato raised Marlin’s leg and Goto dropped onto his leg. Their job done, the heels scattered as Jerry Lawler joined the others in the ring to check on Marlin.

Lawler took charge of the situation as Randy Hales ran backstage to try and get medical assistance. Lawler then asked if they were still on the air and issued a challenge to the Japanese to come out there while things were even. The other wrestlers eased Marlin out of the ring as we headed to commercial.

We came back to Russell backstage, where we heard the full card for Wednesday night’s show.

We then returned to the studio for Lawler’s match against Nikita Mulkavich. Nikita attacked Lawler before he even got through the ropes. Nikita missed an elbow drop and Lawler dropped the strap. Right hands saw Lawler gain control of the match and he followed up with a snap mare. Lawler then climbed the ropes and dropped the fist from the second turnbuckle for the win at :37.

Russell then introduced a new music video for Lawler set to “Going Crazy.” We saw clips of Lawler speaking and making his way to the ring before battling Bam Bam Bigelow. We also saw Lawler and Jerry Clower on the Jerry Lawler show. We saw old footage of Lawler introducing Frankenstein and of Lawler slapping Andy Kaufman on the David Letterman show. Footage also showed the “Superking” meeting Adam West’s Batman.

We returned to the studio in time to see Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, and Larry Wright head to the ring to face Jerry Garmon, Jim Jameson, and David Johnson. Garmon and Bass started with Bass quickly gaining an advantage and manhandling Garmon around the ring before bringing Wright in.

Garmon escaped and got Jim Jameson tagged in. Wright beat on him a moment and brought in Dirty Rhodes, who punched away on Jameson in the corner. Rhodes snapmared Jameson down and we saw Jameson was busted open. Rhodes kept kicking Jameson and rammed him into the corner. Rhodes hit an elbow and tagged in Bass. Bass hit Jameson with a back elbow and then a clothesline before bringing Rhodes back in.

Rhodes power slammed Jameson down for the win at 2:25.

Rhodes, Bass, and Wright joined Russell at the interview set where Rhodes again brought up how he’d gotten busted open by Lawler the week before. He denied attacking Lawler (saying Lawler’s accident had been caused by Lawler’s poor driving and drinking). Rhodes promised that when they met in the ring again, Lawler would be going down. He then talked about how Lawler had given one of his crowns to be awarded to a fan. Rhodes stomped the crown flat and the three took off when Lawler came out.

Russell denounced the three’s lack of respect and compared them to Tojo and his team. Lawler said that the three had ruined an opportunity for a fan. Lawler told Rhodes that since he couldn’t stomp on Lawler, he had to stomp something that couldn’t fight back. An irate Lawler headed to the back as Russell sent us to commercial.

We came back to find Russell at the interview set as Big Bubba made his debut. Bubba talked up his accomplishments and then said that he’d heard that the toughest wrestlers were in Memphis. Bubba then promised to win the International title in the tournament.

Bubba headed to the ring to face David Haskins. Bubba muscled Haskins down twice and waited for Haskins to regain his feet. Haskins started cranking on an arm and Bubba effortlessly threw him across the ring. The two locked up and Haskins got a headlock until Bubba again picked him up and threw him into the far corner. Haskins locked up again and Bubba body slammed him down before dropping a leg. Bubba jumped up and hit another leg drop for the two count. Haskins ducked a clothesline and got slammed again. Bubba picked him up, flattened him with a clothesline, and splashed him for the win at 2:27.

Russell then introduced a video where we would meet Boy Tony.

Tony was wearing women’s clothes and mentioned that he’d once been known as Tony Falk. Tony also said that his losing ways were gone. He went to a concert to see Boy George, and Boy George had introduced him to the crowd. After the show, Boy George summoned Tony backstage. Boy George told Tony to be himself. Tony said that he took that advice and became successful.

Boy Tony then said that he wanted to change others’ lives as well after helping Boy George with Farm Aid. Boy Tony decided that he’d help clean up dirty wrestling fans. He planned to raise money to buy fans soap and toothpaste in the Fan Aid effort.

Boy Tony also said that he’d be teaching fans how to use things like deodorant, shampoo, and toothpaste. Each week there would be a Boy Tony hygiene tip of the week. He led us into the bathroom for the first tip. Boy Tony pointed out that your teeth should not be green or brown before introducing us to toothpaste and the toothbrush. Tony then demonstrated how to brush your teeth. Tony closed by reminding us to join him next week for another hygiene tip.

Commercials sent us backstage to hear more about the show Wednesday night. Russell was soon joined by Excitement, Inc. McCord promised to give the most exciting action in the town’s history as they got the check that Rhodes had tried to steal from them and would also become the champions.

Jeff and Jerry Jarrett then came in. Jeff said that the week before things hadn’t worked according to plan but this time it would be three on three. Jeff promised to beat Tojo and Jerry said that it was time to get even. He also promised to not only punish but also humiliate Tojo.

We returned to the studio to see Excitement, Inc. on their way out to face Keith Erich and the Invader. Erich and John Paul started us off. The two locked up and Paul cranked on Erich’s arm before bringing McCord in, who continued the punishment on the arm.

Paul tagged back in and kept working the arm. Erich brought the Invader in and Paul slammed him as Russell warned that we were running out of time. Paul dropped an elbow and power slammed the Invader down before bringing McCord in. Paul dropped McCord on the Invader and got the win.

We came back to a second fall as the Invader and McCord began battling. Paul tagged in and the two hit a double dropkick. Paul quickly brought McCord back in. McCord hit a dropkick and took the Invader over before bringing Paul back in.

Paul dropped a leg and brought McCord back in. McCord kicked the Invader and Erich broke up the pinfall attempt. McCord slammed the Invader and Paul came back in. Paul suplexed him over and McCord came back. McCord dropped an elbow and again Erich saved his partner.

Paul came back in and put the Invader down with a back elbow. The Invader kicked out at two and McCord tagged back in. The two hit a double clothesline and McCord dropped an elbow for a two. McCord hit a butterfly suplex and Erich made the save again.

McCord slammed down the Invader and in came Paul. Paul dropped an elbow and got a two count. Paul whipped the Invader and hit a back elbow for a two count.

McCord came back in and the two hit a double dropkick. A flying clothesline put the Invader down and an elbow drop got two. McCord chopped him down for another two count.

McCord hit a swinging neck breaker and Erich again made the save. McCord hit a knee lift and brought Paul back in. Paul hit a knee lift of his own and got a two count.

McCord tagged back in and came off the second rope with a double axe handle, then hit an atomic drop. McCord hit a second on and followed up with an elbow drop for two.

Paul came in and the two hit stereo back elbows for a two count. Paul nailed a clothesline for another two and in came McCord.

McCord hit a sidewalk slam and brought in Paul. Paul dropped a leg and got another two count. Paul hit a power slam and brought in McCord. McCord dropped a knee and hit a sidewalk slam of his own. In tagged Paul, who hit a knee drop for the three.

Russell advised that Eddie Marlin had gone to the hospital to have his leg x-rayed and said goodbye for another week.


Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Jarrett/Tommy Rich vs. Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto

Southern Tag Team titles
$10,000 prize to the winners
Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass © vs. Excitement, Inc.

Mid-America title
Tracy Smothers © vs. Boy Tony

Five match one night tournament to crown a new International champion
Competitors include Pat Tanaka, Giant Hillbilly, Big Bubba, and the Ninja.

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