Ultimate Fighter 10: Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins with Rashad not wanting to brag about starting 4-0. He then proceeds to brag about going 4-0. Matt Mitrione hurts his shoulder during training. He wants a cortisone shot for his shoulder. Rashad thinks he just needs a massage and some ice.

Marcus Jones wants to fight next for Team Rashad. He then misinterprets a Rashad comment and thinks he is fighting next. All Rashad said was “how do you know you aren’t fighting?” Rampage thinks they will take Zak in the next fight.

Rampage trains his fighters on the wall walk. Zak doesn’t pick up on this quickly. Rampage notes that Zak is a big guy and a wrestler. That’s it. The other guys on the team claim that Zak is a nice guy. It’s not really good for a fighter when his most commonly noticed trait is that he’s a nice guy.

Wes Sims looks forward to his showers. He thinks Zak left a “family of Jensen’s” in the shower prior to him. The guys rip on Zak and his social awkwardness amongst other things.

Matt gets his shoulder wrapped with saran wrap prior to training. He wants to fight next and tells Rashad the he’s a guaranteed win. Rashad doesn’t think he’s earned the right to fight next based on his training performances. Rashad thinks he’s the weak link and the one man standing in his way of going 8-0.

Training Session

Wes Shivers tells Rampage about the Shower Stroke Incident. Probably not the best thing for Zak. If he thought Wes Sims was hard on him, Rampage might make him cry. Wes Sims chokes out Zak during training. Zak didn’t tap in time. This only adds to the growing embarrassment for Zak and the overall sentiment that he doesn’t belong on the show. I hope this guy doesn’t win. They haven’t built Zak up as having any credibility.

Team Rashad doubts the legitimacy of Matt’s shoulder injury after watching him shoot pool hoops. Matt does some good mat work and Rashad said no one with a bad shoulder moves like that. Right after the drill, Matt asks to ice down before doing bag work. Rashad doesn’t allow it and thinks he’s faking. This whole issue has boiled down to being sore vs. being actually injured. Matt is just really sore.

Fight Announcement

Rashad picks Justin Wren to fight Wes Sims. Wren doesn’t have to fight his friend in Scot Junk so he gets the veteran Sims. Marcus is pissed and doesn’t want to talk to Rashad. He thought Rashad gave him his word that Marcus would fight next. I think Marcus wanted to fight so bad that he just heard what he wanted to hear. Marcus appears genuinely upset and some of the guys have a good time with it. Under their breath, of course.

Training Session

Justin Wren fights out of Travis Lutter’s Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Wren thinks the style matchup works out for him against Sims. He doesn’t feel that Sims has evolved enough with all of his experience to overtake him.

Wes Sims just wants to put in a good show. He knows that the best way to get back into the UFC is to have an exciting fight. He seems more concerned with the entertainment value of his fight than the result. Although given the choice, he would prefer to win.

Wes Sims trains with Hammer House. Rampage wants Sims to use his reach and keep Wren away with jabs. Again, Wes seems like he won’t mind losing as long as it was a good fight. I certainly understand his point, but maybe not the best mindset for a first-round fight that he’s not the favorite in.


Justin weighs in at 247.5 lbs. Wes comes in at 251. Not sure why this fight got the Kimbo-Nelson weigh-in treatment. I hope it wasn’t just an excuse to show two men in their panties. Unfortunately, I think it was.

Fight Day

Wes wants to use this opportunity to impress Dana and earn his way back into the UFC. Justin doesn’t feel any pressure in this fight. Rampage tells Wes that he has beaten better guys than Justin. Wes says that the jungle, reality, and the cage are all homes for him. What? Does that mean he will be on Survivor once the UFC doesn’t bring him back?

Justin Wren vs. Wes Sims

Round 1

Sims jabs to start but Justin charges in and presses him against the cage. Sims with an underhook and they exchange knees. Wes pushes off and they are back in the center. Sims with a front kick. Justin takes Wes down pretty easily. Sims moves around on the ground but right into side control. Justin has an arm triangle but Wes won’t tap. Ref checks his arm like it’s a wrestling match. Wes shows life so the fight continues. Wes then proceeds to lose life and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Winner: Justin Wren by Submisson (arm triangle)

Team Rashad moves to 5-0. Rampages continues to be distraught about the losses. He continues to leave his fighter alone in the ring after a loss, too. This pisses Rashad off. Wes Shivers says that Rampage is a fighter, not a coach. Actually, he’s an actor now.

Rashad confronts Rampage after the fight about leaving his fighters in the ring after being stopped. Rampage says he’s not a doctor so he has no business in the ring. Rashad calls Rampage selfish. Things get a little intense before Rampage decides to leave the scene.

Next Week

Darrill gets in Rampage’s face after some taunting. Wes Sims keeps getting on Zak, saying he was sniffing his shorts. Someone gets hurt in training so they tease another Kimbo return.

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