10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 10.09.09

1. John Cena joining SmackDown could be both a good thing and a bad thing for the WWE. While I’d hate for Cena to come over to SmackDown and hog the main event scene for several months it would shake up the main event scene on RAW, something which is direly needed.

2. I still don’t get how Rey Mysterio can get suspended and in turn lose the Intercontinental title, only to come back and get a Tag Title shot and now a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! Doesn’t really seem like much of a punishment to me.

3. Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio may have wrestled each other countless times in the past year, but they never fail to deliver. These two just need to get in the ring and you know that the action is going to be good.

4. Eve has actually improved as an in ring performer recently, something which I am more than happy about. While having Diva’s around for the sex appeal does work they also need to be able to perform in the ring, so seeing a Diva actually willing to work on her in ring ability is always a good thing.

5. Ah, Vickie Guerrero is back to her annoying heel ways already, although her words to Theodore Long did make her sound like a bit of a tweener. I’m still confused by whether Theodore Long is meant to be a face or a heel sometimes.

6. I don’t know whether it was just me, but John Morrison is way over right now. My money is on Morrison being the world champion sometime in 2010.

7. The slightly odd relationship between Dolph Ziggler and Maria seems to have come to an end. Did they really do anything of interest between the two though, other than use it for some terrible Diva segments?

8. Some solid tag team action between the midcard. I complained a few weeks ago about the lack of decent midcard development outside of the Morrison/ Ziggler feud but now the midcard is becoming more and more entertaining with the likes of Kane, Hardy, R-Truth and McIntyre all getting good ring time.

9. Great promo from the Undertaker and while I am a bit confused about the fatal four way match at Bragging Rights at least it’s going to give us a new main event unlike the RAW side of things, which just seems to recycle the same main event every pay per view.

10. The count out win for CM Punk was a solid way of keeping both Punk and Batista looking strong, which is definitely something that needs to be done when your pushing towards a fatal four way pay per view match. Here’s just hoping that Batista doesn’t get the world title, or 10 thoughts could get a lot more depressing.

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