10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars – 10.15.09

10. Mark Henry desperately needs to go back to a black outfit. Because the red thing is making my eyes burn. Its just plain horrific. I have to wonder if whoever made it is just hovering backstage laughing.

9. The crowd chanting “you suck” at Chris Masters was appropriate. That’s a chant I think most people would like to be involved in.

8. I hate matches where one man focuses on the obviously injured point on the other man. Yes, its a very “heel” thing to do. But it just isn’t that interesting to watch. (though, I guess that it’s pretty hard to put on an actual wrestling match with Mark Henry).

7. I’m not anti-divas. But this “ask the divas” thing is pretty hysterical. Though the questions this week weren’t as horrible as in previous weeks. (and I personally would love to see a mixed tag match featuring Natalya with Edge).

6. I can’t be the only one who is bored half to death in every match that Kozlov is in. The man is boring. Tommy Dreamer tried here, but it’s basically impossible to make Kozlov look interesting in the ring.

5. Wow. The elbow of Dreamer looks pretty nasty. If you’re going to have a legit injury, totally have one that looks cool on camera. Also make sure they can close-up on it, and freak the audience out with it too.

4. Why on earth kill time during Superstars with more stuff about Orton / Cena? It’s not like people watching Superstars DIDN’T know about it already. Though every single time someone reminds me that this is apparently their “last” match, I basically cheer. Just think, hopefully soon we might actually see a different feud on PPV and no more fillers based around them.

3. We get it, Miz is commentating (and doing a pretty good job at it). So why continue to cut away from the action in the ring to focus on the face of Miz. He’s talking, not wrestling. Focus on the match here.

2. It almost seems TOO easy to cause Morrison pain during the set-up for Starship Pain. Yikes, that’s gotta hurt the man parts.

1. If we were being shown the future of the main event scene on SmackDown with the match between Punk & Morrison, then I think we’re looking towards a bright future and some great matches.

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