Smackdown recap for 10/16/09

Unfortunately JR has the week off, so Michael Cole joins Todd Grisham on commentary. Smackdown GM Teddy Long starts the show by introducing Smackdown’s team captain for the big tag oriented battle at Bragging Rights, Chris Jericho. To make sure you know who is important in the WWE, he begins his promo by talking about John Cena’s possible return to Smackdown. As you might expect Jericho is not pleased with the actions of Triple H Monday night on Raw. Nor is the man who “is the best in the world at what he does” amused with the overall behavior or legacy of DX. And to illustrate this point even further he helps them promote their new book. Kane comes down to the ring and have a chat with Chris and tells him that he is now the co-captain of the Smackdown 7, which Jericho quickly declares he has no problem with. Light up the ringposts to celebrate!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay vs. Mike Knox: The winner of this frequently used match-up will join Kane and Jericho on Team Smackdown. Ziggler tries to partner with Knox against Finlay but gets clotheslined for his suggestion. Mike then gets tossed over the ropes when he charges Finlay and Fit goes to work on Dolph. Finlay also dumps Ziggler outside of the ring and Knox gets involved again before all three men return the fight to the ring. Finlay and Dolph fight on the top rope but Knox breaks it up and drops Fit with an electric chair and Dolph follows with a splash off the top rope. Finlay hits his Rolling Thunder (not RVD’s) on first Ziggler then Knox but is unable to get a pin on either. Knox battles back and sends Fit into the corner but that only leads to him grabbing then blasting Mike with the shillelagh. But Finlay can’t capitalize and Dolph ends up pinning Knox to get the win.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty: Both members of the winning tag-team will join the “Smackdown Seven” for Breaking Point. Sadly Eve has been traded to Raw so she is not at ringside but luckily Natalya is able to accompany her pals. Shad starts off against Smith who begins by punching JTG off the ring apron. Some heel misdirection then leads to DH nailing Shad with a chopblock and the Dynasty begins to work over his leg. After a brief period with both Kidd and Smith getting their shots in, Shad is able to make the hot to JTG. Kidd also gets a tag from Smith, but JTG comes in blazin’ knocking Smith off the apron and hitting the Mug Shot on Kidd for a two count. DH tries to get involved on the ring apron but Shad intercepts him with a clothesline while his partner tries to set up his finisher. Kidd reverses it into a pin attempt but can’t get the fall. Smith and Shad both get involved again and this eventually leads to JTG nailing the Shout Out on Tyson Kidd to give Cryme Time the win.

Backstage Jericho and Teddy have a chat with Michelle McCool to insure she is the diva to represent Smackdown at Bragging Rights. This is interrupted by both Mickie James and Beth Phoenix to serve notice to the champ that they are after her title. Meanwhile Vince McMahon has a phone call interrupted by CM Punk who would like to complain about Teddy Long and the World Title match at the pay-per-view. Vince completely agrees with Punk but can’t change the already advertised match. He does however grant Punk championship rematch he originally wanted against the Undertaker for next week’s show, a submission match, with Armstrong as the ref and Teddy Long at ringside.

Eric Escobar vs. Matt Hardy: Shockingly this is match is also for a spot on Smackdown’s team for the pay-per-view. Vickie Guerrero is not only accompanying her new acquisition to ringside, she introduces him as well. I hope someone actually reads and enjoys tonight’s recap because I am missing the start of the Yankees game for this. Big chant for Hardy as the match begins with him slugging away on the rookie. Eric comes back with some basic brawling but the flurry gets silenced by Matt hitting the Side Effect. Hardy goes up top and hits an elbow on Escobar as he rises from the mat and it might be time for the Twist of Fate. But Vickie gets on the ring apron and distracts the ref which allows her boyfriend to cheat to win. Eric Escobar not only wins his first match on Smackdown but also earns a spot on the PPV with that win.

Miz and Morrison meet in the ring for a special edition of The Dirt Sheet. They compare their break-up with the demise of several other teams like Mork & Mindy, Bill & Ted, and of course the Rockers. Which leads to them arguing about who will be the Marty Jannetty of their formerly dynamic duo. They then argue who’s show is better and Morrison earns points by calling Raw a watered down version of Saturday Night Live. Finally Morrison gets tired of the debate and wants to throw hands but the Miz backs off to end the segment.

Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth: This winner gets the final spot on Team Smackdown for the match at Bragging Rights and they even show a brief video package for this feud. Truth doesn’t enter thru the crowd and McIntyre doesn’t attack him as he does his sing-a-long so everyone is left disappointed. Truth gets rolling early with a big armdrag and then sends McIntyre outside the ring with a dropkick. As Drew rises R-Truth flattens him again with a crossbody over the top ropes and we head to a commercial break.

As we return from me checking the score of the Yankees game, McIntyre took control of the match by sending Truth in the steel steps. He continues the assault by sending him into the ring post and wears him down further with a submission hold. Drew heads up top for a big move but hits Truth’s feet face first. Truth has some trouble capitalizing because of the damage his back took during the match and Drew tries to lock on his finisher but Truth sends him into the turnbuckle to escape. The action spills outside again and this leads to Truth taking a nasty bump on the separated ring steps. McIntyre climbs back into the ring but R-Truth cannot do the same and loses the match via count out.

So your “Smackdown Seven” are: Chris Jericho, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Cryme Time, Eric Escobar and Drew McIntyre. Raw’s team is: DX, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Rey and Dave have another chat backstage to let us all know they are still BFFs and to tease a heel turn by Batista. Next is the Orton/Cena video package and between all the mentions of Cena tonight and Cole talking about Raw during every segment, I feel like I’ve been watching a two hour commercial for that show instead of an episode of Smackdown. Then a video reminds us of the World Title match at Breaking Point and leads to some taped comments from the Undertaker concerning next week’s submission match for the title against CM Punk.

Rey Mysterio vs. Batista: Rey tries to use his quickness to start but it fails and big Dave laughs off his early attempts at offense. After an attempt to work the arm, Rey gets casually shot out of the ring under the bottom rope. But he rolls thru the landing and is quickly back into the ring to show Batista he means business. As they grin at each other, the show goes to a commercial break.

As we rejoin the action with Dave tossing Rey down after a couple of lock-ups and he still looks to be taking this lightly. Rey goes low for a series of kicks and drops Batista on the ropes for the 619 but Dave knows it is coming and escapes. Mysterio reverses out of a back suplex attempt but eats a big spear from Batista that sends him out of the ring. Rey is barely able to beat the ref’s count but is finally able to crawl back in. Dave goes right back to the attack and works Rey over for a bit before Mysterio finally starts to fight back. Rey trips Batista again near the ropes and is able to hit the 619 but Batista catches his springboard attack and looks to drop him with the Batista Bomb. However Mysterio is able to slip out of that and into a hurricanrana that allows him to pin his amigo for the win.

Post match Dave argues with the ref (feeling that he kicked out) but eventually congratulates Rey and everyone is happy again. Batista leaves the ring and heads up the ramp to allow his buddy to celebrate his win, but CM Punk comes thru the crowd and nails Mysterio with the GTS. Batista returns to the ring but Punk escapes the same way he came in and that’s Smackdown for this week.

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