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After a successful first season as an erotic horror anthology, The Hunger took a year off before returning to Showtime’s schedule. There was a major change. Gone was Terrence Stamp (The Limey) as the flakey host with his pontifications on what hungers drive us to do. His replacement was David Bowie. This made sense since the rocker starred in the original movie as a dying vampire. He proved to be even more disturbing than Stamp during the introductions. Ever wonder what Bowie looks like with the skin missing from his arm? The 22 episodes in the second (and final season) made sure to focus on the erotic angles since this was for a pay-per-view cable operation. The Hunger: The Complete Second Season is for fang fans who prefer True Blood to Twilight.

“Sanctuary” puts Tony Scott (Top Gun) in the director’s chair for the launch. Giovanni Ribisi (Mod Squad) stumbles onto the grounds of a decommissioned prison. The place has become the studio of David Bowie. He’s an artist like Damien Hirst working in meat and other disturbing media. Ribisi has been shot and was told Bowie can help him out. There’s plenty of talk about art from Bowie as he shows off his creations. Turns out he wants Giovanni to be part of his latest masterpiece. This episode appears to be where Scott shot all of Bowie’s introductions for the season while he’s creaties his outrageous art. It’s moody, grotesque and stunning in under 30 minutes. People who have a fear of bonesaws would best be advised to watch this with the room lights on.

“Skin Deep” combines lap dancing with intense fetish play. A girl develops a crush on a lap dancer with unique tattoos. She’s warned that the woman isn’t good for her. Naturally she doesn’t listen and explores a dark side of love that leads to learning what it takes to get your face on the stripper’s body. “The Dream Sentinel” has a ghostly Eric Roberts (Star 80) haunting a stripper (Alice Poon). Roberts looks pretty creepy while drifting around her apartment. “Nunc Dimittis” brings the vampire action. The lover of Princess Dracula is dying. He wants the chance to pick her new lover. “And She Laughed” gets spooky with Jenniefer Beals (Flashdance) and a peeping tom. “Week Woman” turns Brooke Smith (L Word) into a newlywed wife that enjoy changing up on her husband.

“Approaching Desdemona” predicts the future of internet addiction. In this case an advertising executive gets hooked on a strange website featuring a demanding woman. He spends more time with the computer than his wife. Finally he pays the price to meet her only to discover the true cost. This was a very future looking episode since there’s no 56K modem action. “The Suction Method” lets Fisher Stevens play a cheating husband. He’s banging every woman in the neighborhood. His wife sends over a vacuum specialist to clean their delicate rug. She’s just too hot for Fisher to not hump. However he quickly learns the secret of her service’s suction. Did Michelle Pfeiffer fund this this production to enjoy the demise of her old boyfriend.

The Hunger: The Complete Second Season wraps up the series with plenty of gotcha moments. Even with the Showtime level erotic content, they keep up the tension. This doesn’t merely turn into Beverly Hills Bordello with spooks lurking behind the curtains while the living get carnal. David Bowie sets the right tone for scares and frights as the host. It’s a shame The Hunger merely lasted two seasons.

The Episodes
“Sanctuary,” “Skin Deep,” “The Dream Sentinel,” “And She Laughed,” “Nunc Dimittis,” “Week Woman,” “The Night Bloomer,” “The Diarist,” “Sin Seer,” “Triangle in Steel,” “Brass,” “Replacements,” “I’m Dangerous Tonight,” “Wrath of God,” “Bottle of Smoke,” “The Perfect Couple,” “Sacred Fire,” “Approaching Desdemona,” “The Seductress,” “Double,” “The Falling Man” and “The Suction Method.”

The Video is 1.33:1 full frame. There’s a lot of mucking around with the images along with shadows and extremely underlit scenes. The transfers are rather clean. The audio is stereo. The levels are right for TV. The moans and groans are proper.

Mr. Skin’s Top Ten Nude Scenes From The Hunger (29:13) is the special that E! ought to be counting down. Mr. Skin had a tough job picking out these moments. This is not a bonus feature to be played for your friends who enjoy the chaste romance of Twilight.

The Hunger: The Complete Second Season brings back one of the better spooky shows that ran on Showtime. The mixing of the erotic and the supernatural results in a show that after a decade is still spooky and sensual. The vampires aren’t family friendly with good intentions toward their human victims. This is perfect for adults wanting a jolt in the night.

E1 Entertainment presents The Hunger: The Complete Second Season. Starring: David Bowie, Eric Roberts and Jenniger Beals. Boxset contents: 22 episodes on 4 DVDs. Released on DVD: October. 13. Available at

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